15 Reasons For Hair Loss

12)Heredity:- Check with women in your family. If your mother or some close relations had experienced hair fall or baldness at a certain age, then you may be more prone to hair thinning. If you have such a case in your family, then take care before you experience it. Keep track of the hair cycle. Take nutritious food, vitamin supplements and drink plenty of water. Avoid hot sun. By this way you can delay the hereditary process to come to you. If you are already experiencing hair fall for no other reason but genetic, then there is minoxidil on the counter. Talk to your doctor for the prescriptions.

hereditary hair loss13)Over styling:- Over styling is the most common reason for early hair thinning today. Most of the women are obsessed in styling their hair every day. Heating appliances, blow dryers, chemical relaxers and hair treatments an damage the hair and scalp as well. This in turn will result in hair thinning. Avoid over styling and extreme heat to the hair. Pre-pooing and conditioning can help restore the damaged hair and scalp.



14)Scalp conditions:- Unhealthy scalp can trigger hair fall and it becomes difficult for the hair to re-grow. Scalp conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff), psoriasis, dry scalp, excess oils etc can lead to hair loss. Medicated shampoos may help you to combat scalp issues. Always keep your scalp skin clean and fresh. Use sulphate free shampoo. Pre-pooing with curd can help to combat dandruff, dry scalp or oily scalp.

take care of your scalp to prevent hair thinning
take care of your scalp to prevent hair thinning

15) Trichotillomania:- This is a compulsive urge to pull the hair on the scalp, eye brows and eye lids. People suffering with disorder cannot resist themselves from pulling off their hairs resulting in baldness and thinning of hair.This is a psychological disorder and it be avoided by seeking a psychiatrist.




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