Makeup And Outfit Tips For The Brides

Wedding. Probably the grandest event in a girl’s life. And when it is such massive event, why won’t any girl sulk around? She will try to make her D-day the best because that’s one memory she will be carrying down her entire life. So if you’re one of those girls who’s going to get married soon, here are some useful tips regarding your look on your big day!

1. Start “Clear”

Ground rule for makeup, start clear. Which means, start with clear skin. Keep the skin healthy, free of acne and dark spots and for that, along with applying sunscreen and moisturizer every day without skipping, eat healthy. If you’re a foodie, it’s gonna be hard but you need to have control on the junk food that you eat. Also, limit the sugar intake and control caffeine (it dehydrates you). Eat loads of berries, citrus foods, and lots of water. It’s important to be healthy inside out to have a clear skin. This will help you nail your bridal makeup. 

2. Get the basics right  

When you’ve successfully mastered the first step, i.e achieving clear skin, your next step should be getting the makeup that will make you look gorgeous on your big day. You don’t wanna spoil your bridal makeup, so start with the foundation. Get one according to your skin type. If you have oily skin, get a matte foundation and if you have dry skin, get a creamy one. Test them first and choose one that gives you high coverage. We’d recommend MAC Studio Fix foundation (normal to dry skin) and MAC studio sculpt( Dry skin). Get them here!

3. Lips and eyes

Give those expressive eyes a makeover! Banish any bags or under eye circles and then you can turn into a goddess! Usually Indians have their wedding outfits with a lot of bling so better not to go with glitter because it will not only look overboard but tacky too (sorry!). Use a glossy eye shadow instead for that shiny finish. Nyx hot singles or Full throttle palette gives that perfect glossy look. And when it comes to lipstick, you gotta admit nothing beats MAC’s Russian red (BUY HERE), which is like the perfect bridal lipstick. However, you can get the lipstick in other colors, depending upon your outfit.

4. Accessories

Ah, the accessories. The biggest beauty of the whole outfit is obviously, the nath. Get one that matches the rest of the jewelry and make sure you keep your wedding outfit in mind while shopping jewelry. If your wedding outfit is pretty heavy with motifs and stuff, then go easy on the jewelry. If you’re not the one that’s not so cool with the traditional jewelry, you can get the stuff customized, use semi precious pearls and jewels like rubies and emeralds to create your own bridal jewelry.

5. Hair

Obviously, hair is the factor that plays a key role. Use homemade remedies and hair spa to get the shiny and smooth hair. Depending upon the outfit and whole look, ask your stylist to do your hair and please don’t get into any extreme haircuts anywhere near your wedding. If you’re feeling extra fancy, get those beautiful hair accessories and pins to glorify mane. After all, you have all the rights to, it’s your wedding day!




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