Why Is Regular WorkOut Important For You

All of us took the new year resolution to be fit and fab this year, didn’t we? But unfortunately, that workout session lasts for a week or two at the most before we give in. But before you go to take that two-hour long nap instead of going to gym, read this!

  1. Exercise will get you in shape

Yes, the obvious one. But then, you also know it makes a huge difference, don’t you? You know how amazing you’ll look in that super skinny jeans you got from Forever 21 without those bulges and stuff? Or in that kick ass lehenga you got for your cousin’s wedding? Well, now act on it. Work out. Sweat it out. Do cardio for 45 minutes daily. It gets your heart pumping and tones down your body.


  1. Regular Workout for amazing skin

You might have heard people saying about the Post workout glow. It is real people. Let me tell you the process. When you do some exercise and get your body moving, your heart will start pumping blood to all the parts of body, since it is active. And richer the blood flow, shinier the skin. That ton of sweat during exercising is almost equal to a mini facial. It pushes out the toxins from the skin, making it look brighter and beautiful.


  1. Helps you sleep better

Okay first, turn that internet off if you wanna sleep better. But even after doing that, falling asleep is hard for you? Time to workout. Yes, exercise keeps the body active and flexible. It also keeps your circadian rhythm, which your ruined by spending so much time online. By doing this, gym will keep you active during the daytime and regulates your sleep during nights. This way, you won’t feel exhausted when you wake up in the morning!

  1. Controls Stress and Anxiety

So we all are prone to stress by situations. Be it the stress at work, or home, or college. And stress sometimes lead to anxiety, which is pretty problematic. Exercise will keep you balanced, both physically and mentally. So if you see yourself constantly under stress or anxiety, hit gym and workout for good 60 minutes.


  1. Say Goodbye to Fat

You know when you workout, you burn calories? And those calories usually come from the fat your body stored. So, when you burn this fat, you’ll slim down and that’s when your face looks all angular and more defined. Your body tones down as well, giving a fit appearance overall. Along with this, it also helps in the elimination of fat in the blood vessels that ultimately lead to cardiovascular diseases.


And a little more . .

Yes, it is important that you stay in the negative balance of the calories, but that shouldn’t mean you’ll starve yourself. It is always good to cut off the junk food, sugar and high calories but make sure your body gets enough protein, otherwise, instead of making you feel good, gym will just leave you extremely exhausted. Eat lean meat like chicken, fish, legumes, beans and of course, eggs. Make healthy smoothies and salads. Stay fit, feel good.


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