Bio Oil : Benefits and Different Uses

If you’re a skincare enthusiast, you’d definitely heard about bio oil by now. It has been huge wave in the market these days and we hear a lot of positive stuff about the product. If you’re planning to buy it, or if you already have it, here is an intensive guide on Bio oil.

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What is Bio Oil?

Bio oil is this oil ( yeah,I don’t say) that is of purCellin oil, which makes it different from any other skin care products. It consists of Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Calendula oil, rosemary oil, Chamomile oil, all of them which are extremely good for skin. With the help of Bio oil, which is all natural stuff, you can battle stretch marks, signs of ageing, scars and hydrate your skin. 

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However, you can use Bio Oil in so many ways. Here is the list!


  1. Makeup Primer

Bio oil, which is made up of all these plant oils and essential vitamins, makes an excellent primer! Yes, it can be used as makeup primer, where you can get two benefits. Flawless skin plus well hydrated skin. Use a drop or two before you grab the foundation, to have a clean, even base.

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  1. Moisturizer

The amount of beneficial oils and vitamins present in it is what makes Bio oil an excellent moisturizer. It can be infused into the usual skin care regime by using it after bath as moisturizer. It’s light and non greasy texture is the icing on the cake.


  1. Lipbalm

Vitamin A and Vitamin E are the miracle remedies for chapped lips. Bio oil has all the natural products and oils, it hydrates your lips, and keep them soft and supple. Just take a drop or two, massage onto your lips every night to get those baby soft lips.


  1. Makeup Remover

You don’t have to spend a bomb on getting a quality makeup remover. Use Bio oil, for a reasonable price and a brilliant quality. Take few drops and rub it all over face. Use a cotton ball and remove all the makeup. You can also use for the growth of eyelashes, as an alternative for castor/coconut oil, as this one has much lighter formula.


  1. For smooth shiny legs

    Bio Oil has a lot of helpful ingredients present and it is extremely helpful in hydrating the skin. Use it as a pre-shave treatment to get that smooth silky skin. Lesser cuts and trouble free shaving.


  1. Healthy nails

You know what’s the most popular remedy for cracked, damaged nails? Vitamin E. Rubbing vitamin e capsules directly into the nail beds will help with the shine and reduce the breakage. And Bio oil, being a concoction of vitamin E, vitamin A and other helpful essential oils, there will be a drastic change in the health of nails.


  1. Facial

    Use Bio oil for a rejuvenating, refreshing facial. After steaming and cleaning up, take a few drops and rub them onto your face. Massage your face in circular motions with your fingertips. This will ensure the blood flow in your face, making it glow and shiny!


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