7 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat On Empty Stomach

It’s common knowledge that breakfast is the important meal of the day. And again, it’s common knowledge that mornings are extremely lazy. Almost all of us rush away in the mornings, because we invest our time in that 10 mins of extra sleep, rather than preparing for a good day. Anyway, in that rush,we don’t eat a healthy breakfast. We start with junk first thing due to variable reasons. If you’re one such person, here is the list of what you should not eat on empty stomach!

1. Coffee and Tea

Although it sounds bizarre and unreal because we’ve been drinking coffee or tea first thing on empty stomach, in the morning since years. But that’s harmful on so many levels. Caffeine boost up your system. Agreed . But it’s not needed and damages your digestive system. It can cause a heart burn, by increasing the acid levels in the stomach. It can also make you bloat and cause bowel irritation. Whereas tea can curb your appetite and slow down your metabolism.

coffee-on-empty-stomach2. Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks are never good for body. At any time, much less for breakfast. They damage your liver and causes heart diseases. All the carbonated drinks are high in sugar, which mess with your insulin levels very badly. Long story short, just don’t do it.

carbonated-drinks-on-empty-stomach3. Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are all cool. They are full of vitamin C, which is basically blessing because it does a lot of good to hair and skin. You can load up on citrus fruits, all right, but not on the breakfast table. Citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits and limes damage the lining of the stomach and cause a severe case of heartburn. If you want to include fresh fruit in your breakfast, try strawberries, blueberries, apples and watermelons instead.


4. Puff Pastry

No. just don’t. That croissant with nutella on the top of it surely looks delicious but do you know that’s full of yeast? And yeast causes flatulence. Yikes. And it’s not even healthy. Why would you do that to yourself? Go grab your oatmeal.

puff-pastry-on-empty-stomach5. Nutella

Who doesn’t love chocolate in their food? Especially a thick layer of chocolate spread on the toast? But again, it’s harmful to have nutella in mornings. Nutella being hella delicious, we all are tempted to eat it right from the jar. It has high sugar content, which again will mess your system when you have it on empty stomach. After a period of times comes the sugar crash, which is even worse. So when you have cravings for chocolate in the morning, go for chocolate milk but not nutella.

nutella-on-empty-stomach6. Green veggies and tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and tannic acid, which will damage your stomach lining like citrus fruits do! Also, the green veggies are full of amino acids, which may have unwanted effects like heartburn, gastric discomfort because they give tough time for your just-woke-up digestive system.

tomatoes-on-empty-stomach7.  No Spicy foods on Empty Stomach

This one is no-brainer. Spicy foods, specially when they contain hot peppers, chillies or jalapenos. Sure, spicy food is delicious and it has its own quirky taste and health effects too. But on an empty stomach. They will damage stomach lining very badly and are responsible for the gastric ulcers, which are quite painful.



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