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10 DIY treatments to bring life and sheen to your dry hair

Who wouldn’t wish for hair that’s soft as silk? But sadly, not everyone is blessed with feather-like hair. While we tend to resort to heat treatments to get those soft tresses, it isn’t always safe to straighten your hair all that often. Not to worry, for we have listed out a few DIY treatments you can try out on your dry hair and these are very likely to eventually make your hair shiny and soft.

  1. Hot oil treatment

The simple, age-old technique of oiling your hair before you wash it always works wonders in keeping your hair from getting all dried up and frizzy. Coconut oil, Almond oil and Olive oil are the most commonly used as well as the most nourishing oils.
Make your own oil by mixing all the three of them to get the best properties of each of these oils. Rub the oil onto your scalp and the rest of the hair and give your scalp a massage an hour before you wash your hair.

2. Egg white hair mask

Egg whites have since long been known to render a silkiness to the hair. Make a mask out of egg whites and apply it onto your hair. Leave it on before you wash it off. If you think you can’t stand the smell, add a few drops of aroma oil to the egg white mask. This mask is a sure-shot way to make your hair soft and bouncy.

3. Mayonnaise Massage

An unusual and a little-heard-of method, massaging mayonnaise on your hair can render it soft and shiny. All you have to do is take some mayonnaise and rub it over your scalp and the rest of your hairs while massaging it gently. Leave it on and wash it off after a while. It helps keep your hair smooth for a long time after you use it. (BUY HERE)

4. Aloe Vera gel

Among all the benefits that Aloe Vera is known to bestow upon us, one of them is that it is capable of transforming dry and brittle hair into silky and bouncy hair thanks to all its hydrating properties. What’s more, Aloe Vera’s got some great medicinal properties that can help heal dandruff and other infections of the scalp. All you have to do is apply aloe vera gel onto the hair and leave it on for a while before you wash it off.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is a great anti-drying agent along with all the medicinal benefits it’s got on the hair. All you have to do is apply the vinegar to all of the hair and the scalp and leave it on for a while. Wash it off after about 15 minutes and you’ll notice definite benefits when you treat your hair to Apple Cider Vinegar regularly.

Buy Apple Cider Vinegar online – Indian (BUY HERE) ; USA (BUY HERE)

6. Honey and Yogurt hair mask

Both honey and yogurt are great for the hair in that they are viscous and hydrating in nature. Mix them up in equal proportions and make a mask that you can apply to your hair and scalp. Leave it on for a while before you wash it off. It does a great job in hydrating and thereby softening the hair.

7. Pumpkin and yogurt mask

Pumpkins are a great source of nourishment for the hair along with the fact that they make the hair smooth and silky. Boil pumpkins and add yogurt to it to make a mask. Apply this mask on the hair and the scalp and leave it on for a while before you wash it off. It makes your hair silky and shiny.

8. Shea Butter

A kind of butter that’s largely available in the market these days, shea butter is a great conditioner. It also has the property to protect the hair from harmful UV rays that could harm the scalp. Make a shea butter mask by mixing rosemary oil and cornstarch to it. Apply it onto the scalp and the hairs and leave it on before you wash it off. (BUY)

9. Ghee massage

Another one of the not-so-popular methods, applying ghee onto your hairs can make it shiny, lustrous and bouncy. It is applied in the exact same way that oil is applied, heated, massaged into the scalp and rubbed onto the hairs before you shampoo your hair. Ghee is also known to lessen hair-fall and split ends.

10. Avocado puree

Avocado is yet another age-old remedy to treat dry, rough and brittle hair. The puree is scraped off the fruit and used in the form of a mask onto the hair either with milk or with olive oil or a mixture of both. It is known to work wonders in making hair smooth, shiny and bouncy.

If you think you don’t have the time to try out all the ten treatments, pick the ones you like and use it on a regular basis for atleast six months. You’ll be surprised to see how your hair loses all its dryness and frizziness eventually.


6 Times Sonam Kapoor’s Instagram Gave Us Style Goals

Sonam Kapoor is the bollywood’s kickass fashionista and there is no denial in it! Even in a single airhostess costume, she managed to look glamorous in Neerja. Not just that, every outfit ever worn by her, on and off screen is something that only she can pull off. And she is one hella badass when it comes to slaying on red carpet. Be it IIFA or Cannes, she surely knows how to carry herself. Not just the red carpet looks, but Sonam keeps it extremely stylish everywhere she goes. Here, take a look into her instagram.


  1. The perfect South Indian Goddess

Sonam Kapoor’s biggest asset is her smile, isn’t it? In this picture, She looks like the absolute goddess that she is in a green pattu saree and pearl embedded jewelry. She lined her eyes into a wing and played red lips in the most adorable way possible. We are loving this look so very much!


  1. The Polka Dot Princess

Sonam Kapoor has her airport looks just as gorgeous as her red carpet looks. In this one, she wore a polka dot top (seriously guys, life is too short to wear boring prints) and a midi skirt. She completed her look with minimal makeup and pumps. Easy, casual and chic!!

  1. The Regal attire

This one is just extraordinary. This master piece is from Anamika Khanna and this one is a three piece ensemble, with high waisted pants, a crop top and a jacket on it. The ensemble is heavily embroidered and Sonam Kapoor got a matching same regal neck piece that completed the look. As of makeup, Sonam kept it classy, with red lips, and sleek hair. Let’s be honest, we all love Namrata Soni, Sonam’s makeup artist. Don’t we?


  1. Sonam Kapoor as Girl Boss 

See, your formal wear don’t have to be boring. It can be chic and stylish like Sonam Kapoor . She never shies away from experimenting folks. In this look, she pulled her hair back and sported pink lips. You can take inspiration from her and take your culottes out and give them a makeover. Add a blazer to it and walk to your work like the absolute slayer you are!


  1. The retro look

This one is something I simply loved! Sonam totally rocked this look to bits and pieces. She pulled her hair back in this gorgeous bun, along with the denim shirt and a oversized jacket. The choker brought the life to the look, while the red lips were the cherry on the cake. Not to mention those kickass boots on those perfectly fitted pants. Way to go, Sonam!

sonam kapoor western wear

  1. Girl Boss Again!

Will you just look at this beauty! She surely knows how to look intimidating. And is Sonam wearing a bralette? Or a crop top? Who knows? But she is rocking that top, this much we know. She added the blazer and that just gives off the whole corporate vibe. Sonam kept her makeup minimal with a bit of eye makeup and kept her lips nude. However, she balanced out the plain look by adding those earrings!


How To Take Care Of Your Hair In Summer

Summer is here! Get ready for all things sunny. Sundresses, sunscreen, beaches and what not. While things are warm and bright, there are some essential things you need to do. Like taking care of your skin and hair. The summer’s bright sun and the wind will do a lot of harm! So during this summer, here are few tips as of how to take care of your hair. Take a look!

priyanka chopra hair

  1. Cut off the heat  

Summer is the synonym of heat, isn’t it? So when you step out in summer, you are subjecting your hair to a lot of heat already. So limit the blow drying, flat ironing and curling equipment. They will damage your hair and you’ll get split ends in no time and you’ll be forced to cut your hair.


  1. Cover up

You know that UV rays are harmful right? They damage your hair! So always cover up from the sun. Use a scarf or a hat to keep your mane away from the brutal wind and sun. This is helpful in saving your hair from drying up and retaining the moisture. This is a necessary precaution for the chemically treated and the colored hair.


  1. Go Au Naturale this Summer

Summer is all things fun like beach waves and high definition curls. It is all chill! So don’t use a lot of tools or any heat for the hairstyles. Go au naturale with twisted braids and plaits and cute updos. This won’t just make you look stylish but also helps you in keeping away the tangles and mess.


  1. Use a hot oil treatment

So as we’ve mentioned, summer’s hot and humid weather completely strips the hair of its moisture, making it look dry and lifeless. Therefore use the hot oil treatment to bring moisture and life back to your hair. Take 2 spoons of castor oil (BUY), coconut oil (BUY) and olive oil (BUY), mix well and heat it. Apply the warm oil to your scalp and massage it into your scalp and hair. Leave it overnight with a shower cap on wash in the morning.


  1. Keep an eye on hair wash

We get it. Summer is so humid and hot that you feel like washing your hair everyday but it isn’t healthy to your hair. Wet hair is extremely weak and it is prone to damage and breakage easily and the shampoo and the soaps strip your hair of their natural oils and the shine. Therefore, try experimenting with hairstyles and updos to make you feel less agitated and limit the number of hair washes in general.


  1. Conditioner and sunscreen

Obviously, the conditioner is a necessary thing and we suggest you use a leave in conditioner when it comes to summer because the leave in conditioner (BUY) acts as a layer and protects your hair from the dust, wind and sun. Wearing sunscreen is a great option too! You’ll usually get shampoos that contain sunscreen and they are great for summers, especially and if you can’t get sunscreen any of such sort, just run your hands over your hair with a teensy bit of the regular sunscreen.


Bio Oil : Benefits and Different Uses

If you’re a skincare enthusiast, you’d definitely heard about bio oil by now. It has been huge wave in the market these days and we hear a lot of positive stuff about the product. If you’re planning to buy it, or if you already have it, here is an intensive guide on Bio oil.

bio oil buy online

What is Bio Oil?

Bio oil is this oil ( yeah,I don’t say) that is of purCellin oil, which makes it different from any other skin care products. It consists of Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Calendula oil, rosemary oil, Chamomile oil, all of them which are extremely good for skin. With the help of Bio oil, which is all natural stuff, you can battle stretch marks, signs of ageing, scars and hydrate your skin. 

(Buy Bio Oil Online – India (BUY HERE) ; USA (BUY HERE)

However, you can use Bio Oil in so many ways. Here is the list!


  1. Makeup Primer

Bio oil, which is made up of all these plant oils and essential vitamins, makes an excellent primer! Yes, it can be used as makeup primer, where you can get two benefits. Flawless skin plus well hydrated skin. Use a drop or two before you grab the foundation, to have a clean, even base.

bio oil for skin


  1. Moisturizer

The amount of beneficial oils and vitamins present in it is what makes Bio oil an excellent moisturizer. It can be infused into the usual skin care regime by using it after bath as moisturizer. It’s light and non greasy texture is the icing on the cake.


  1. Lipbalm

Vitamin A and Vitamin E are the miracle remedies for chapped lips. Bio oil has all the natural products and oils, it hydrates your lips, and keep them soft and supple. Just take a drop or two, massage onto your lips every night to get those baby soft lips.


  1. Makeup Remover

You don’t have to spend a bomb on getting a quality makeup remover. Use Bio oil, for a reasonable price and a brilliant quality. Take few drops and rub it all over face. Use a cotton ball and remove all the makeup. You can also use for the growth of eyelashes, as an alternative for castor/coconut oil, as this one has much lighter formula.


  1. For smooth shiny legs

    Bio Oil has a lot of helpful ingredients present and it is extremely helpful in hydrating the skin. Use it as a pre-shave treatment to get that smooth silky skin. Lesser cuts and trouble free shaving.


  1. Healthy nails

You know what’s the most popular remedy for cracked, damaged nails? Vitamin E. Rubbing vitamin e capsules directly into the nail beds will help with the shine and reduce the breakage. And Bio oil, being a concoction of vitamin E, vitamin A and other helpful essential oils, there will be a drastic change in the health of nails.


  1. Facial

    Use Bio oil for a rejuvenating, refreshing facial. After steaming and cleaning up, take a few drops and rub them onto your face. Massage your face in circular motions with your fingertips. This will ensure the blood flow in your face, making it glow and shiny!


(Buy Bio Oil Online – India (BUY HERE) ; USA (BUY HERE)


Why Is Regular WorkOut Important For You


All of us took the new year resolution to be fit and fab this year, didn’t we? But unfortunately, that workout session lasts for a week or two at the most before we give in. But before you go to take that two-hour long nap instead of going to gym, read this!

  1. Exercise will get you in shape

Yes, the obvious one. But then, you also know it makes a huge difference, don’t you? You know how amazing you’ll look in that super skinny jeans you got from Forever 21 without those bulges and stuff? Or in that kick ass lehenga you got for your cousin’s wedding? Well, now act on it. Work out. Sweat it out. Do cardio for 45 minutes daily. It gets your heart pumping and tones down your body.


  1. Regular Workout for amazing skin

You might have heard people saying about the Post workout glow. It is real people. Let me tell you the process. When you do some exercise and get your body moving, your heart will start pumping blood to all the parts of body, since it is active. And richer the blood flow, shinier the skin. That ton of sweat during exercising is almost equal to a mini facial. It pushes out the toxins from the skin, making it look brighter and beautiful.


  1. Helps you sleep better

Okay first, turn that internet off if you wanna sleep better. But even after doing that, falling asleep is hard for you? Time to workout. Yes, exercise keeps the body active and flexible. It also keeps your circadian rhythm, which your ruined by spending so much time online. By doing this, gym will keep you active during the daytime and regulates your sleep during nights. This way, you won’t feel exhausted when you wake up in the morning!

  1. Controls Stress and Anxiety

So we all are prone to stress by situations. Be it the stress at work, or home, or college. And stress sometimes lead to anxiety, which is pretty problematic. Exercise will keep you balanced, both physically and mentally. So if you see yourself constantly under stress or anxiety, hit gym and workout for good 60 minutes.


  1. Say Goodbye to Fat

You know when you workout, you burn calories? And those calories usually come from the fat your body stored. So, when you burn this fat, you’ll slim down and that’s when your face looks all angular and more defined. Your body tones down as well, giving a fit appearance overall. Along with this, it also helps in the elimination of fat in the blood vessels that ultimately lead to cardiovascular diseases.


And a little more . .

Yes, it is important that you stay in the negative balance of the calories, but that shouldn’t mean you’ll starve yourself. It is always good to cut off the junk food, sugar and high calories but make sure your body gets enough protein, otherwise, instead of making you feel good, gym will just leave you extremely exhausted. Eat lean meat like chicken, fish, legumes, beans and of course, eggs. Make healthy smoothies and salads. Stay fit, feel good.

5 Best Pencil Eyeliners Available In India

Doesn’t matter how gloomy you get, or how dull you look, a single swipe of a eyeliner or kajal will make you look much much better and glamorous. However, sometimes getting a perfect wing using the gel or the liquid eyeliner may take a lot of effort and time too! In such times, the best thing you could opt into is the eyeliner pencils. So here are the top picks!

best pencil eyeliners in india


  1. L’oreal Paris Pencil Perfect Self Advancing Eyeliner

This tops the list because of the depth of the pigmentation. The eyeliner comes in the form of a pencil and it is so smooth and creamy, glides over like a dream. It is quite easy to fix any mistakes so you can stop worrying about smudging and uneven wings. It looks like gel liner after the application, which gives an intense look to your eyes. Only drawback is that the liner smudges and may look oily after a while of application.( Buy it here)


  1. Revlon Eyeliner Pencil

Revlon has everything that a girl needs! This one, again is a brilliant product from the home brand, has no cons at all! The pigments are so deep, is creamy and glides smoothly on the skin. Doesn’t flake or fall of while application. It stays for decent amount of time and it doesn’t smudge at all. However, it isn’t waterproof which might be a problem. Nevertheless, a steal for its price range. (BUY HERE )

revlon-colorstay-eyelinerrevlon-pencil-eyeliner3. Maybelline The Colossal Liner

Maybelline is famous for its universally loved kohl, the colossal kajal. This eyeliner is no less!  It is extremely pigmented and the sharp yet smooth tip helps you draw the sharpest of wings that could kill a man. The eyeliner is completely waterproof and smudgeproof. Lasts for really long time without any touchups. It doesn’t even flake or look ugly when built. Light on pocket too! (BUY HERE)


  1. Elle 18 Eye Drama Kajal

The Elle 18 Eye Drama is long lasting Kajal in a twist-up format. This dermatologically tested kajal is just what you need for completing your eye makeup or carrying a simple, only-kajal look. It’s a smudge proof, water proof kajal and can add the dramatic and glamorous look to your eyes. It has intense matte texture and you can experiment with a thin line or a bold wing, this kajal is great for day and night looks. Its long-lasting- up to 12 hours without smudging and is completely water proof. It is designed with an easy to use and convenient twist-up format. (BUY HERE)


  1. Avon Glimmersticks Eyeliner

Avon is a global brand and it isn’t that hyped in India yet but trust me, it is an excellent brand. Avon’s glimmersticks are available in four gorgeous colors and they are all of amazing quality. They are creamy and doesn’t tug at skin whatsoever. They are travel friendly, with sleek design. The eyeliner settles after few seconds of application and doesn’t smudge after that. Only con you’ll find is that the staying power isn’t that great. You might find it a bit difficult to find Avon counters but you can always buy them online. (BUY HERE)


Skin Care Tips You Should Follow This Summer For Healthy Skin

Skin is easily the most exposed part of the body any day. Therefore, it is always wise to invest enough amount of time and interest in your skin care. Due to pollution, dust and sun, skin usually becomes dry, dull and lifeless. And Since summer has arrived, here are a few tips for you to keep your skin supple, soft and healthy even in the searing temperatures!

summer skin care tips indian skin

  1. Drink lots of water

Yes! Drinking lots of water keeps you hydrated and moisturizes your skin. It also helps in pushing the toxins away from the body. Drinking water also helps in having a supple skin, and healthy hair too! And since it is summer, chances are that you’ll be dehydrated easily so keeping yourself hydrated is extremely important for not only your skin care but also to your body.


  1. Sunscreen for Skin Care

Sunscreen is blessing, honestly. Without it you’ll be tanned in the sun, not only acquiring copious amounts of tan, you’ll also be getting unnecessary sun burns, not to mention the damage UV rays do to your skin. Therefore, wear sunscreen all the time. It is the first step in skin care that you can’t skip. Apply the required amount before 15 min of stepping out in sun.

Buy sunscreen lotions online HERE or HERE!


  1. Go easy on the makeup

Summers are messy. It’s all hot, humid and sweaty. So use makeup that is light, like a BB cream or something even more light. Make sure you use water based makeup, not the oil based one, which will become even more oily due to the sweat and it is relatively heavy on the skin. Some light base, mascara and a bright lip color to match the brightness outside, and you’re set!


  1. Exfoliate well

Exfoliation is one of the key steps of the skin care which you need to follow if you want healthy skin. Exfoliate well all the time, be it summer, winter or any other season. Exfoliation helps in the removal of dead skin cells and clears the pores. Your skin will appear brighter and will look young! Say bye to the dull and dry skin with a homemade scrub. Take a tablespoon of sugar, some honey and lemon juice. Mix them together and while the sugar granules melt, use them to scrub. Honey hydrates the skin while lemon juice helps in the brightening the skin.


  1. Protect your Eyes and Lips

You know eyes are the most sensitive ? They skin near the eyes do not have any pores, therefore, there is no self-hydrating mechanism there. So, it is advisable to use a dermatologically tested eye cream (BUY HERE) that will get rid of any puffiness or redness. Likewise, lips are also sans glands. So use a lip balm with SPF (BUY HERE) and exfoliate them regularly. Drink loads of water to keep them hydrated.


  1. Eat Healthy

Doesn’t matter how much care you take of your skin from outside, you won’t get the perfect skin unless you’re healthy from inside out. Hence, eat healthy. Eat loads of watermelon, citrus fruits, berries, leafy vegetables and again, loads of water. Eat healthy, look healthy and feel healthy! Happy summer to you beautiful people! 

skin care in summer

10 Best Winter Face Creams Available in India

With temperatures slowly starting to drop, it’s time to gear up on skin-care essentials now that cold weather is coming. Cold weather can leave your skin feeling dry and tight. It doesn’t matter if you have dry skin, oily skin, combination or sensitive skin, a good face moisturiser is a must-have skincare product for your face.

Scroll through to discover our round-up of the best facial moisturizers to hydrate and soften your skin..

  1. Nivea Soft Light Moisturizing Cream (BUY HERE)



Nivea soft is an invigorating and fast absorbing cream that refreshes the skin. It leaves a unique fragrance making skin smooth, soft, supple and healthy.

2. Lotus Herbals Nutramoist Skin Renewal Daily Moisturising Creme with SPF 25 (BUY HERE)

The Lotus Herbals Nutramoist Skin Renewal Daily Moisturizing Cream is enriched with cherry, plum and grape extract. The plum extract will nourish your skin and enhance the elasticity. Besides moisturizing your skin, this cream will protect your skin from tanning.

3. Lotus Herbal Sheamoist Shea Butter and Real Strawberry 24 hour Moisturiser (BUY HERE)

Shea butter has excellent skin emollient and skin softening properties, restores skin moisture and suppleness. Strawberry extract soothes and tones the skin.

4. The Body Shop Vitamin E Intense Moisturizer (BUY HERE)

best moisturizers for indian skin winter

Vitamin E Intense Moisturizer contains an innovative wheat-derived ingredient with naturally occurring carbohydrates that are very similar to those found in the skin
Vitamin E and wheat germ oil help moisturize and condition skin while protecting against environmental aggressors and premature aging.

5. Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture Combination Skin (BUY HERE)

Neutrogena oil-free moisture for combination skin is clinically proven to normalize combination skin by moisturizing dry areas while controlling shine in oily areas for softer, smoother skin.

6. Olay Moisturizing Skin Cream (BUY HERE)

Olay Moisturizing Skin Cream is formulated to help fight the 7 signs of skin ageing.
Reduces spots, firms skin, reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, smoothens and moisturizes skin, evens skin tone, reduces pores and makes your skin glow.

7. Bio Morning Nectar Flawless SKIN Lotion (BUY HERE)

Bio Nectar lotion is easily absorbed, replacing the natural oils and moisture the skin loses every day. Its nourishing and hydrating actions provide a pleasant soothing feeling, without leaving any greasy film.

8. Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief (BUY HERE)

Clinique’s Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief instantly replenishes thirsty skin. It delivers an instant boost of refreshing moisture that soothes dryness and tightness.

9. Forest Essentials Sandalwood and Saffron Night Treatment Cream (BUY HERE)

A unique night treatment formula which blends the pure oils of Sandalwood and Saffron to nourish Normal to Dry skin types. This formula has a corrective and preventive action, retaining firmness and radiance.

10. VLCC Liquorice Cold Cream (BUY HERE)


VLCC Skin Defence Liquorice Cold Cream works impressively to nourish your skin. Made of natural ingredients this cream helps to keep skin moisturized for all day. It contains SPF 10 which protects your skin from harmful UV rays.

All The Beauty Benefits of Argan Oil You Need To Know

Argan oil is the latest beauty ingredient we’re raving about. And the rave isn’t in vain. Argan oil is famously called as the ‘Liquid Gold’, for it is just as precious! It does a lot good for skin, hair, nails and overall health. Let us see what Argan Oil is capable of!

argan oil benefits


1. Moisturizes skin

Argan oil is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids. So it is super successful in making your skin supple and soft. It nourishes dry and dull skin, adding the much needed shine and health to it. Argan oil is non greasy and light, which means it absorbs into skin easily! You can even use it as a facial oil because of the light and non greasy texture. You can happily replace your primer and moisturizer for Argan Oil.

argan-oil-moisturizers2. Treats Acne

Argan oil helps in treating acne as it contributes for the healthy skin care. Acne is usually caused by the blocked pores and the oily skin. Due to this, people with oily skin usually avoid moisturizers for the fear of adding up extra oil to the skin, which is a terrible mistake actually. Argan oil can help you here. Due to its non greasy and light texture, it moisturizes the skin along with avoiding acne!

argan-oil-for-acne3. Argan Oil as Lip Balm

Due to the extreme hydrating Properties, Argan oils works well in moisturizing and hydrating your lips. You can use a few drops and massage it onto your lips and leave it overnight everyday for smooth, kissable lips.

argan-oil-as-lip-balm4. Feet and Hands Smoothing

We usually see dark and hard skin on our elbows, knuckles and knees. You can use argan oil for lightening them up and making them smooth. You can use argan oil to get the even skin tone and heal the cracked feet. Just apply few drops of the oil and massage into the feet and hands for a few minutes.

argan-oil-for-healthy-nails5. Complete Skin Care

Stretch marks, sagging skin, dull skin, acne marks or any other skin issue to be solved can easily be corrected by Argan Oil. Due to its healing properties and the abundance of Vitamin E all over, it works like magic and makes all the wrinkles and the marks disappear in no time. For a younger and beautiful looking skin, ditch all those chemical products and opt for this instead!

argan-oil-for-healthy-skin6. Answer for Dry Skin Issues

Dry skin is sometimes a big time bummer. Not only it stays rough and dull all the time, it also leads to other serious skin conditions like eczema, and flaky, itchy, raw and red skin can also be treated by this liquid gold. The fatty acids help in soothing the skin and nourishing the skin from inside. All you have to is to take some and massage it directly into skin softly. Make sure you aren’t rubbing too hard for it may lead to further irritation and redness.  


Skin Tags : Reasons, Medications and Home Remedies

What are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are something that we see all the time. They are this small (occasionally large) lumps usually found on your body. They are the harmless benign tumors (meaning non cancerous) and they usually aren’t bothersome until they are subjected to friction by clothes and jewelry or something similar.



Reasons for Skin Tags

  • Skin Tags are usually caused by the accumulation of fat cells, or fibres, or ducts.
  • They are usually seen in the skin folds like armpits.
  • The susceptibility to the skin tags differs from person to person.
  • Some factors, like diabetes or obesity, can cause skin tags.
  • The hormonal changes in the pregnancy period and fluctuations in oestrogen and progesterone

How To Remove Them

Skin tags are usually harmless and only irritate or cause itching when they are rubbed against clothing or jewelry. Sometimes skin tags are removed for cosmetic purposes. They can also burst under pressure if they grow large. There are several ways to remove them.

Surgical Processes

skin-tags-removal1. Cryosurgery

The term Cryo involves liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is used for multiple purposes like skin lightening and embryo storage, because it freezes off the cells and their growth. That is exactly why cryosurgery is used here to remove the skin tags.

2. Ligation

In this process of Ligation, the blood supply is stopped, which will ultimately result in the death of those accumulated cells.

3. Excision

The skin tag is cut off using surgical processes.

Over the Counter Processes

You may get ointments and chemical solutions that will help in the removal of the skin tags. Sometimes the general wart removal creams work too!


Home Remedies

  1. Onions

Cut and onion and grind it to make a paste of it. Use it on the skin tags and leave it overnight for at least a week. The skin tag will fall off by itself.


  1. Garlic

Garlic may sting a little bit for people who have irritation. But it works fast. Take some garlic paste and apply it overnight to see it fall off.


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

This is one of the many uses of Apple Cider Vinegar. It is anti inflammatory so it can be used against the irritated skin. Use a cotton ball to dip in the Apple cider vinegar and use it to rub on the skin tag. Do it regularly until it falls off. However, avoid using it on the areas near eyes.


  1. Tea Tree oil

Tea tree Oil can also be used against the warts and skin tags. In the same way you used the apple cider vinegar, use tea tree oil by dipping a cotton ball in it, and rub until it eventually falls off.


  1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil can be used to remove warts and skin tags. All you have to do is to rub some of it every night onto the area, till the skin becomes dark and it will eventually disappear after two weeks.


  1. Vitamin E

Vitamin E also helps in the reduction of warts and skin conditions. You can either use Vitamin e oil or you can cut the capsule open and rub it directly on the skin. Repeat it daily.