All The Beauty Benefits of Argan Oil You Need To Know

Argan oil is the latest beauty ingredient we’re raving about. And the rave isn’t in vain. Argan oil is famously called as the ‘Liquid Gold’, for it is just as precious! It does a lot good for skin, hair, nails and overall health. Let us see what Argan Oil is capable of!

argan oil benefits


1. Moisturizes skin

Argan oil is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids. So it is super successful in making your skin supple and soft. It nourishes dry and dull skin, adding the much needed shine and health to it. Argan oil is non greasy and light, which means it absorbs into skin easily! You can even use it as a facial oil because of the light and non greasy texture. You can happily replace your primer and moisturizer for Argan Oil.

argan-oil-moisturizers2. Treats Acne

Argan oil helps in treating acne as it contributes for the healthy skin care. Acne is usually caused by the blocked pores and the oily skin. Due to this, people with oily skin usually avoid moisturizers for the fear of adding up extra oil to the skin, which is a terrible mistake actually. Argan oil can help you here. Due to its non greasy and light texture, it moisturizes the skin along with avoiding acne!

argan-oil-for-acne3. Argan Oil as Lip Balm

Due to the extreme hydrating Properties, Argan oils works well in moisturizing and hydrating your lips. You can use a few drops and massage it onto your lips and leave it overnight everyday for smooth, kissable lips.

argan-oil-as-lip-balm4. Feet and Hands Smoothing

We usually see dark and hard skin on our elbows, knuckles and knees. You can use argan oil for lightening them up and making them smooth. You can use argan oil to get the even skin tone and heal the cracked feet. Just apply few drops of the oil and massage into the feet and hands for a few minutes.

argan-oil-for-healthy-nails5. Complete Skin Care

Stretch marks, sagging skin, dull skin, acne marks or any other skin issue to be solved can easily be corrected by Argan Oil. Due to its healing properties and the abundance of Vitamin E all over, it works like magic and makes all the wrinkles and the marks disappear in no time. For a younger and beautiful looking skin, ditch all those chemical products and opt for this instead!

argan-oil-for-healthy-skin6. Answer for Dry Skin Issues

Dry skin is sometimes a big time bummer. Not only it stays rough and dull all the time, it also leads to other serious skin conditions like eczema, and flaky, itchy, raw and red skin can also be treated by this liquid gold. The fatty acids help in soothing the skin and nourishing the skin from inside. All you have to is to take some and massage it directly into skin softly. Make sure you aren’t rubbing too hard for it may lead to further irritation and redness.  



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