How To Take Care Of Your Hair In Summer

Summer is here! Get ready for all things sunny. Sundresses, sunscreen, beaches and what not. While things are warm and bright, there are some essential things you need to do. Like taking care of your skin and hair. The summer’s bright sun and the wind will do a lot of harm! So during this summer, here are few tips as of how to take care of your hair. Take a look!

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  1. Cut off the heat  

Summer is the synonym of heat, isn’t it? So when you step out in summer, you are subjecting your hair to a lot of heat already. So limit the blow drying, flat ironing and curling equipment. They will damage your hair and you’ll get split ends in no time and you’ll be forced to cut your hair.


  1. Cover up

You know that UV rays are harmful right? They damage your hair! So always cover up from the sun. Use a scarf or a hat to keep your mane away from the brutal wind and sun. This is helpful in saving your hair from drying up and retaining the moisture. This is a necessary precaution for the chemically treated and the colored hair.


  1. Go Au Naturale this Summer

Summer is all things fun like beach waves and high definition curls. It is all chill! So don’t use a lot of tools or any heat for the hairstyles. Go au naturale with twisted braids and plaits and cute updos. This won’t just make you look stylish but also helps you in keeping away the tangles and mess.


  1. Use a hot oil treatment

So as we’ve mentioned, summer’s hot and humid weather completely strips the hair of its moisture, making it look dry and lifeless. Therefore use the hot oil treatment to bring moisture and life back to your hair. Take 2 spoons of castor oil (BUY), coconut oil (BUY) and olive oil (BUY), mix well and heat it. Apply the warm oil to your scalp and massage it into your scalp and hair. Leave it overnight with a shower cap on wash in the morning.


  1. Keep an eye on hair wash

We get it. Summer is so humid and hot that you feel like washing your hair everyday but it isn’t healthy to your hair. Wet hair is extremely weak and it is prone to damage and breakage easily and the shampoo and the soaps strip your hair of their natural oils and the shine. Therefore, try experimenting with hairstyles and updos to make you feel less agitated and limit the number of hair washes in general.


  1. Conditioner and sunscreen

Obviously, the conditioner is a necessary thing and we suggest you use a leave in conditioner when it comes to summer because the leave in conditioner (BUY) acts as a layer and protects your hair from the dust, wind and sun. Wearing sunscreen is a great option too! You’ll usually get shampoos that contain sunscreen and they are great for summers, especially and if you can’t get sunscreen any of such sort, just run your hands over your hair with a teensy bit of the regular sunscreen.



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