Super Hot Bridal Nail Art You Can’t Miss

.Guess what you have to do when wedding is around the corner. Look gorgeous from head to toe. It’s that simple.

Well bridal costumes, mehndi, hair style, wedding invitation cards, jewellery and accessories need to be selected in due time. Ever thought about Nail art for brides?

Apart from hands and legs of the bride (even bridesmaid and guests), even nails of the bride need to be dressed up for the D-day. Fortunately Bridal nail art designs are umpteen and exclusive and can be customized to the time of marriage. Take a look at the absolutely stunning Indian bridal nail art designs that will have everybody kissing your nails more.

Nail Jewelry

Nail designs for brides take a new twist with the blingy nail on the ring finger. What will you love more?

Nail Jewelery

Caviar Nails

Bridal nail art gallery is a surprise package with caviar nails that almost look like a bunch of little pearls studded on nails.

Caviar nails

Rose Gold Glitter Nails

Ever thought how rose gold color could step out from the runway to Bridal nail art designs? It surely rocks.


Gold Glitter Tip Nails

Just a speck of gold glitter running across the nails is a subtle way to wear Indian bridal nail art designs.


Glitter Half Moon Nails

This Bridal nail art designs is a favourite of Khloe Kardashian. Thinking of wearing it for your wedding? Please do.

Glitter Half Moon Nails

Red Nail Designs – Wedding Nails

This Nail art for brides is a red hot electrifying way to show your engagement ring and nails of course.


Blue Effect

Garish blue is out. Go for this duck egg blue shade in Bridal nail art designs to floor your would-be husband and guests.

Blue Effect

Love Talons

Expressing love is so easy in this bridal nails.  

Love Talons

Summer Daisy Bridal Nails

Summers might be boring but your daisy fresh nails will make saying “I do” so easy.

Summer Daisy Bridal Nails

Hearts Jazzy

Go hearty by sporting hearts on your nails. Who knows your partner might end up kissing them?

Hearts Jazzy

Glitzy Nails

Go ahead and make Bridal nail art designs look glitzy and swanky.

Glitzy Nails

Pearly Nails

Pearls are not only for ears or neck, but also as Nail designs for brides.

Pearly Nails

Nails With Lines and Embellishments

Simple stripes look oh-so-nice in Indian bridal nail art designs.

Nails with Lines and EmbellishmentsIrresistible Nail art for brides in maroon red.

Maroon Red

If you want best wedding nails on your big day, then ideally go for a gel polish. This will avoid cracks or nail chipping.

Pink and nude are the colours brides prefer on their nails. That’s because, they bring out the girlie look in brides very well. But even pastels and ombre colours are making their way into Indian bridal nail art designs.

Whichever wedding nail you want to get done, keep your nails healthy and strong so that they give you a natural look without you getting into artificial nails.

Do let us know the Bridal nail art designs you liked most. We will be happy to know your feedback and taste. All the best wearing these lovable wedding nail designs.


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