MAC Lipstick Shades for Indian skin 


Girls wanna have fun all the time. Go play pranks, but this time with yourself.

Yes, when you have mac lipstick shades for indian skin in your hand you better get dressed. It’s a MAC after all!

When it comes to mac lipstick shades for indian skin the range is vast and colossal. Here we do a style check of mac lipstick shades that are worth buying online or from a branded cosmetic store.

  1. MAC Cosmo


Blend of brown, peach and pink, MAC Cosmo is a daytime lipstick that lasts upto 3 hours. You can happily sport it for your business conferences and internal meetings. The colour is such that it leaves a welcome tint on your lips. (BUY HERE)


  1. MAC Mehr


Mehr is much like Cosmo shade of MAC. Only thing it has a matte finish. The colour is so natural that as mac lipstick shades for indian skin it fits the bill. Perhaps that’s one reason why it runs out of stock so fast. The best thing about MAC Mehr is that it gives a dewy look on your lips. (BUY HERE)


  1. MAC Ruby Woo

mac ruby woo

Guess what? This is one of the best colors coming from MAC stable that suits all the Indian skin tones. It’s a matte lipstick shade that will instantly make you feel bold, confident and sexy. (BUY HERE)


  1. MAC Vegas Volt


Beautiful and summery, this is the perfect coral shade that would suit every girl. Keeps lips hydrated the whole day all thanks to its creamy texture. Add some gloss over Vegas Volt and see how everyone turns to your lips. (BUY HERE)


  1. MAC Lady Danger


The only thing dangerous about Lady Danger from MAC is the attention that could come your way. This mac lipstick shades for indian skin is noted for its tangerine colour (mix of orange and red) which instantly adds a pop of colour to your face. Such is its smoothness that its matte finish makes it last for a good 5 to 6 hours. Don’t worry, the colour doesn’t stain your teeth, unless you bite someone lovingly. (BUY HERE)


Actress Huma Qureshi it seems has the hots for MAC Lady Danger. You can’t blame her, can you?


  1. MAC Girl About Town


A bright pink shade it is for winters. Topped with creamy and moisturising texture, it is perfect mac lipstick shades for fair skin and mac lipstick shades for dark skin. Since it has amplified cream formula, it is opaque and pigmented. (BUY HERE)

Girl about town

  1. MAC Rebel


Of Plums and desire is MAC Rebel that looks super bold and gorgeous on feminine lips. You can’t miss its satin finish which glides onto your lips pretty easily. Must try it is! (BUY HERE)

mac rebel

  1. MAC Brick-o-La

mac_brick-o-la_lipstick_amplified_creme (5)

Feel the goodness of mid-tone berry shade through this amplified cream lipstick of MAC. This is mac lipstick shades for medium skin to dusky skin tones. Pigmented lipstick it is that moisturises lips for more than 4 hours.

brick o la

More MAC lipstick shades for Indian skin tones (BUY HERE)

Now drop us a line and tell us which of the mac lipstick shades for indian skin are your first love and why.


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