5 Foods That You Should Have As Breakfast

Breakfast is such a hassle. Most of us snooze right through those twenty alarms, and then we rush like crazy, putting things off everywhere. In that hurry, sometimes we even skip breakfast, only to welcome a huge mug of coffee without even a second guess. This habit of skipping breakfast will do us wrong in many, many ways. In the long run, it will affect our health and it makes you gain weight too. So, the first rule is never skip breakfast, and if you have queries about what you should eat on an empty stomach, here is the list!

1. Oatmeal

No rocket science here! We’ve been hearing about this for a long, long periods of time. Oatmeal is extremely good as breakfast. It is full of fiber and much needed nutrition. Helpful in controlling the cholesterol levels and keep you full and energetic whole  day. If you think oatmeal is too boring, try adding a bit of dark chocolate or fresh fruit into it to make it even more yummy . Prepare the oatmeal with milk for that creamy texture and go ahead,add that spoon of honey!

oatmeal-as-breakfast2. Eggs

Eggs are filled with protein. They are helpful in so many ways. If you’re trying to keep off the extra weight, they help a lot to you in it. Eggs make you feel full, which ultimately helps you cut off any extra high-calorie snack you take in between your meals. And what’s the cherry on cake ? eggs can be made in many ways. You can boil it, make an omelette, or make a french toast! And none of these takes more than a few minutes!

eggs-for-breakfast3. Nuts

Nuts again, are full of the  required nutrition that your body craves for. All the vital vitamins and the energy is what you get from nuts. While almonds help you in maintaining the blood sugar and blood pressure levels along with maintaining cholesterol levels low. Walnuts help with health of heart and they are full of Omega 2 fatty acids. They improve bone health too. And coming to Cashew nuts, although they are high in calories, they are full of essential minerals and contains fats that are good for health. So, have a handful every day. But don’t go overboard!

nuts-for-breakfast4. Honey

Yes, honey for a sweet morning. Be it that dressing on your toast or in your coffee, honey is infinite times better than sugar. Honey is rich in Vitamin B and other essential minerals. Honey also has low glycemic index, which is why it doesn’t affect the blood sugar levels like sugar does. Therefore, it is a safe alternative for everything.

honey-for-breakfast5. Whole grain bread

Whole grain bread makes a fulfilling breakfast. You can have a toast or two before starting that perfect day. It contains protein, fibre, B vitamins, essential minerals and antioxidants. So if you’re going for a french toast or something, choose the whole grain bread. If you’re more of a jam person, instead of getting one from the supermarket which is full of preservatives, make one by using some blueberries and strawberries. Eat healthy!



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