15 Reasons For Hair Loss

Most of you have experienced hair loss at one time or the other. There are many reasons for hair fall which can be simple or complex and for shorter duration or for a long time. Usually there are three phases of hair cycle: the growth phase, the rest phase and the shedding phase. Certain underlying conditions may push hair towards the shedding phase and that’s why you experience abnormal hair fall.


Though these reasons are not exhaustive, most of the reasons are very common among the hair loss sufferers. To know what to do to stop hair fall, first thing you have to know is the underlying reasons for hair loss.

what to do control hair thinning?
what to do to control hair thinning?

Let us know some of the causes of hair thinning:

15 Most Common Reasons For Hair Fall:-

1) Physical Stress:- Physical stress or trauma is the first and top most reason of hair fall (telogen effluvium). When you get injured, sick or have undergone surgery, your body gets shock and this in turn affects the hair cycle. When you have encountered a stressful even, your hair fall gets triggered and may last for 3-6 weeks. Usually the fallen hair due to physical stress will regrow back withing few months in most cases. Have a good nutrition and use your prescriptions to accelerate hair growth.

hair fall
physical trauma can trigger hair fall

2) Emotional Stress:- Just like the physical stress, emotional stress can cause trauma to the body and affect the hair cycle(telogen effluvium). But most of the times, emotional stress itself may not cause hair thinning but it is sufficient to exacerbate an underlying cause of hair loss. Practicing yoga and other stress relieving techniques can help combat emotional anxiety. As soon as you relieve your stress levels, your hair starts growing again.

hair falls out due to emotional stress
hair falls out due to emotional stress


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