20 Gorgeous South Indian Wedding Hairstyles

In South India, it is a tradition to decorate the bride’s long plait with beautifully patterned flowers, beads, gold or anything which adds to her stunning looks on her big day. Brides love to show off their lustrous long hair beautifully plaited and decorated usually with flowers, known as poola jada (plait made of flowers). Sometimes hair extensions are used to keep the plait longer for an enhanced look.


These gorgeous South Indian Wedding Hairstyles also requires to be ended with a ball shaped or hairy type of decorative things at the bottom of the plait, usually known as jada kuchulu or jada gantalu in Andhra Pradesh, which adds a more embellished appearance to the total bridal hairstyle. On the day of wedding, it is as important to the bride as her wedding saree and great care is taken in choosing the best design which syncs to her saree.


Usually the flower patterns comes in long pre-stitched ready-made form which is carefully attached to the bride’s long plait. Some patterns requires to weave the flowers, beads or other decorative materials on the plait. According to your taste, these South Indian wedding hairstyles can be ordered for a customized design from a specialist. Different flowers such as jasmines, roses, chrysanthemum flowers or leaves are used in these wedding hairstyles.¬†southindian_wedding_floral_hairstyles¬†This elegant South Indian Hairstyle is also worn by girls on any other special and traditional occasions and goes well with a rich bordered half saree or a silk saree or even a heavy lehenga or salwar. Apart from flowers, a precious plait-ornament made of gold or pearls is also used for this wedding hairstyle usually known as jadanagam.


The overall South Indian bridal make-over looks incomplete without this flattering hairstyle. A silk saree, bridal makeup, mehandi, jewelry and a flaunting floral hairstyle is all that makes the bride look like an angel on the prominent once in a life time moment.

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  2. , very nice.If I had long hair I would have thought of doing it. God is naughty deliberately he has not given me the long hair.am 2with GOD.


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