Beautiful Mehndi Designs For Wedding Season

Wedding ceremony cannot be as great anywhere else as in India. All the festive glory starts even before months and before the big day, many other pre-wedding and post-wedding ritualistic  ceremonies such as Mehndi, Sangeet are celebrated in some regions. Indian wedding may last from one day to a week depending on the tradition, culture and certain other factors varying from place to place within the country. Mehndi designs are the integral part of Indian weddings and occupied a place in the bride’s heart since ages. Mehndi is given a very important place in weddings and other ceremonies in India.




Girls love to do experiments with different mehndi designs during occasions. It adds a rich compliment to the traditional attires worn during certain ceremonies or events and gives a more attractive look to the woman. It is believed in India that putting mehndi on palms and feet can absorb excess heat from the body and balance the body temperature. The scent of mehndi have the ability to cure headaches. It is believed in Unani medicine that putting mehndi on the palms and feet of women can treat Menorrhagia and is good for ovary health.


African Bridal Mehndi

Mehndi contains a strong pigment known as lawsone which has a tendency of temporarily staining our skin. It gets absorbed in porous surfaces like skin and hair. The longer you keep, the darker the color gets.



Mehndi artists add more hennotannic acid to the Mehndi paste to help you get a darker shade. Hennotannic acid is found in most essential oils like tea tree oil, clove bud, lavender and eucalyptus oil.


bridal mehandi1

A good design is sign of good luck for the martial couple. The most popular symbols of Good luck in mehndi design’s are Peacock, Lotus, an elephant with the raised trunk, Shehnai, kalash with mango leaves around it. One of the common belief is that the deeper the color of mehndi will be-the deeper the love you receive from in-laws particularly the mother in law.



Many different mehndi designs are invented day-by-day such as jardosi designs, motifs, theme designs, arabic style, shaded design, moghul designs or even portraits. If you are allergic to mehndi, then temporary mehndi is also available with the mehndi artists which goes away completely once you wash your hand. The use of black “henna” should be avoided as it contains a dangerous   chemical called Para-phenylenediamine (PPD) found in hair dyes which causes skin irritations.



wedding_mehendi_for_legs Bridal-Mehndi-Designs-For-Hands

To add more attraction to your mehndi designs for the mehndi nights, wedding or receptions, body   glitter and gems in different colors can be applied on the skin to match   the outfits. Note that manicure or pedicure should be done before applying mehndi and not after that. Leave the design for at least 4-5 hours or overnight before scraping it, for a darker color. Do not use soap for 24 hours after scraping away the mehendi. Just wash with plain water.





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