10 Nail Art Designs Trending In 2015!

The subtle and incredible art, i.e, the nail art only keeps getting better with each passing year. It only seems like there is no end to all the things that we can do to make our nails look good. And this year as well, there are a whole lot of vibrant and gorgeous nail art designs that are trending. Here are a few of those trends you should try out before the year ends!

1. Single Stripe

The single stripe nail art is trending this season as opposed to the multiple stripes of last year. Choose a nude or paler colour for the background and make a gold, black or any other colored stripe on your nails to get the single stripe nails. One of the biggest perks is that it is really easy to make!

single stripe nailart

2. Geometric nails

Squares, triangles, rectangles and straight lines…whatever geometrical shape you can think of, paint them on your nails, for the geometric nails are trending again! Although it takes quite a lot of effort to get them using the nail art tape, they are worth it in the end.

geometric nails art

3.Diamond Studs

If diamonds can add bling to our jewellery and outfits, why not nails? Attaching tiny little diamonds onto your nails glams them up like nothing else does. Besides, the diamond nail art is all the rage these days. All you have to do is buy some tiny shiny stones and attach them to your nail with a skin-friendly glue.

diamond nail art

4. Half Moon Nails

With a whole lot of celebs sporting the half moon nails lately, they are definitely back in vogue! Try out the half moon with different designs and patterns this season. Thankfully, the half moon nails are easy to make too.

half moon nail art

5. Fading Away Glitter

Fading out nail art ┬áis definitely in this season and glitter is what you should do it with. Make a glittery nail art design such that it fades out into your nails. Darker nail colors work best in making fading out glittery nail art really stand out, especially if you’re donning it to a party.

fading glitter collage

6. Floral Nail Art

From clothes, flower power has spread out onto the nails as well! Paint tiny little flowers all over your nails to get a definite chic-ness to them. To make them look artsy and beautiful, it takes a whole lot of time and patience, but once they’re done, they’re a winner all the way!

flower nail art designs

7. Bold checkered Nail Art

Striped nail art of last year has moved to make way for checkered nails. Get bold and bright checks painted on your nails to make them look stunning. All you will need for making the checkered nails is tape and yes – some patience!

checkered nails art

8. Cartoon Nail Art

Let the inner child in you out by painting your nails with your favourite childhood cartoons. Cartoon nail art is totally trending at the moment. Among them, minions are definitely all the rage. Cartoons aren’t easy to paint on your nails, so we’d suggest you to go get them form a parlor or a nail art bar unless you’re sure you can paint them yourself.

cartoon nail art designs

9. Negative Space Nail Art

Painting only a fraction of the nail leaving the other fraction of it unpainted is what negative nail art is all about. Negative space nail arts is one of those nail arts that’s easy to make and every one falls instantly in love with it for its very retro vibe.

negative space nail art

10. 3D Manicures

3D art, with tiny little embellishments to make the nails look gorgeous are a nail art that everyone’s trying out these days. From diamonds to bows to flowers, you can attach everything that can beautify your nail. The 3D nail art can be done with the help of some nail glue and is not as difficult as it looks to be, to make.

3d nail art





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