Top 5 Nail Polish Brands in India

Who doesn’t love colouring up their nails with some bright and gorgeous hues and designs over and over again? But when it comes to shopping for our nail polish, we’re often confused by all the brands that are available in the market. Which ones last the longest, which ones are the safest and which nail polish brands come in the coolest colours? Here’s our guide to the five nail polish brands that are the most popular in India at the moment for the obvious reason – they are the best ones there are!

1. Lakme

The go-to brand for most of the make-up in India, Lakme has got a great collection of nail polishes as well. We also got to love how they come in some deliciously bright colours that we just can’t not buy. Fast and Fabulous by Lakme is the line of nail polishes that we absolutely love for how they’re safe, affordable and brightly coloured. Colour Crush – with its gorgeous range of coloured nail polishes and True Wear – for its nude and plain colours are two other lines from Lakme that are great.

lakme fast and fabulous


2. Revlon

Revlon is yet another, age-old trusted brand when it comes to buying nail polishes in India. They’ve been around for a long time and have really done a great job in keeping up with the changing trends and colours. Glitter, rich and dark shades, bright and peppy shades – Revlon’s got them all. Color Stay and Top Speed are two of their best lines of nail color.

revlon nail polishes


Revlon has also got Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy and Sun Candy lines with nail colors that come long and thin bottles with super-thin brushes meant exclusively for nail art. How cool is that!

revlon nail art moon candy collection

3. Colorbar

If quality and a high-end brand is what you’re looking for in your nail colour, Colorbar is for you. There is a gorgeous range of colours that the brand has got from glitter to finishing shades to some of the peppiest colors. Their ‘Pro-mini’ collection, Nail IT duet DIY nail art collection and Glitterati collection are the most popular.  We have to warn you though, that prices are a tad bit higher than the rest of the nail polish brands.

colorbar nail polishes


4. Elle 18

If you’re one of those people who’d like to change your nail colour every other day, Elle 18 pops nail polishes are the best for you. They come in tiny and cute bottles in a whole different range of colours and the best part is that each of these bottles costs a mere Rs 50. Don’t expect these nail colours to last for longer than a week or two, however.

elle nail pops


5. Maybelline

Maybelline is yet another international brand that is all over India for nearly all of our make-up needs. With their fabulous collection of nail colours in the lines ‘Color Show’ and ‘Express Finish’, they’ve literally taken over the nail polish scene in India. Well within the price range of Rs 100, Maybelline nail colours are quite affordable too. If you’re looking for a nail colour that stays put for a long time without fading out, ‘Super stay-7’ from Maybelline is what you should go for.

maybelline nail polishes








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