10 Healthy Skin Habits If You Are In Your 20’s

The key to healthy, younger-looking skin is to establish good habits early in life that’ll prevent you from having to deal with issues later on. These 10 habits will set you up for younger skin for years to come.

Healthy Skin Habits For 20’s:

  1. Don’t switch your products too often: beauty-productsDon’t tend to experiment each and every product available in the store. Trying out a bunch of different products can be damaging to your skin, especially if you’re experimenting with different fragrances, ingredients, and chemicals. It can take up to six weeks to visibly see a skin benefit from a product. If your shelf is filled with skin care products half used, then it is a sign you are switching too many products and harming your skin. Stick to a few best products that suits your skin.
  2. Cleanse your face in a right manner: face-washYour face wash should be gentle, pH-neutral, non-soap, deep cleanser. It is not right to think of cleaning your skin completely clean by making it dry with a harsh soap. That doesn’t mean you are cleaning it well. A squeaky clean skin means you are increasing its age by removing all the good-for-skin oils and making it dry. It damages the skin’s ability to produce collagen and also makes it rough with all kinds of blemishes. It is highly recommended to use a mild face wash or dove moisturizing bar soap which removes only the dirt and excess sebum without drying it off.
  3. Use a mild exfoliant: exfoliateWe shed about 50 million skin cells each day, so it’s important to slough them away by exfoliating. But be gentle and use a mild exfoliate to remove the dead cells carefully. Do not use the abrasive scrubs with rough granules. It is always recommended to use natural homemade scrubs like powdered sugar, oatmeal, coffee powder etc when it comes to exfoliation. They exfoliates away perfectly and also nourish the skin making it healthy. Use a good moisturizer after exfoliation. Do not use scrub daily, but instead exfoliate only twice a week before bed.
  4. Moisturize even if your skin is oily: moisturize-590x600It is always important to keep your skin hydrated by using a good moisturizer. Even oily skin needs to be moisturized, but just skip away the heavy creams or lotions. Choose a light moisturizer which is recommended for oily skin types. If you have a normal to dry skin, use a cream or serum. Choose a moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid if you are in late twenties to add an anti ageing ingredient to your skin care routine.
  5. Cover up maximum under sun: Face-Sunscreen-4Ninety percent of signs of aging come from chronic unprotected sun exposure. Direct exposure to sun and UV rays are highly responsible in damaging the skin collagen and causing premature ageing of skin. It is also one of the main reasons for excess hair fall in early 20’s as the rays can damage the scalp skin and the excess heat causes hair breakage. Choose a moisturizer with SPF of at least 30. Cover up your skin and hair as much as possible while you are out in sun.
  6. Stop the picking habit: pimpleOnce you start popping out pimples, it gets hard to prevent yourself from doing it again and again. Never develop such habit because it damages the even the deep layers of skin. Use natural home remedies to avoid acne/pimples. Use gentle exfoliates to remove black heads and white heads. There are also may creams available for curing pimples, white heads or black heads. If you have excess acne, consult a dermatologist as early as possible.
  7. Use retinol creams: face-creamDon’t wait till your skin gets damaged and aged. Consider using retinol which is a form of vitamin-A. There are many skin care products that contain retinol. It is important to start using such creams in your 20’s. The ingredient can also improve skin color and texture and even help reverse signs of sun damage.
  8. Have frequent facials done: 1411977_1During this period you need frequent facials done to pamper your skin and keep it extra glowing. Choose good products from reputed brands and also a reputed salon. Facials help your skin to well absorb the skin care products and also keeps the skin rejuvenated.
  9. You need more sleep: Sleep-well-slsA sound sleep is the key to boost skin’s healing process and collagen production. Research has shown that sleep deprivation is linked to increased signs of aging, as well as a reduced ability of skin to recover after sun damage. Maximizing sleep, fitting in exercise, and reducing stress are all essential steps to healthy skin. Stress levels increases cortisol production which is responsible for acne prone and damaged skin.
  10. Eat wholesome food: foods-for-skin-the-icforumOmega-3s in particular have been shown to decrease inflammatory chemicals that age the skin and heart. Focus on foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as nuts, fish oil etc and avoid eating processed foods. Drink plenty of fresh water and include more fruits, green salads etc into your diet.


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