9 Foods To Add To Your Diet For The Most Beautiful Skin

Not just applying moisturizers and other products to the surface of the skin, but the key to keeping skin healthy lies in what we eat. Your diet plays the biggest role in keeping your skin healthy. Healthy skin is beautiful skin.Eat-More-of-Vitamins

These are the top ten foods for achieving clear, soft, supple, glowing skin:

Bell Peppers: (Vitamin C + Hydration)

The brightly-colored bell peppers are the most concentrated source of Vitamin C in the plant kingdom. Just 1 ounce of Sweet Yellow Bell Pepper (uncooked) contains over 50 mg (85% daily value) of natural Vitamin C. Red and green sweet bell peppers have around 35.8 and 22.5 mg, respectively. Oranges,which are rich in Vitamin C-contain only about 12.6 mg per ounce.bell peppers

Vitamin C plays a great role in repair and growth of healthy tissue of the human body, including regeneration of skin cells. Vitamin C also boosts collagen production, provides antioxidant protection, and helps to reverse sun damage. Our bodies absorb them better if they come from our food.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: (Vitamin E + Monounsaturated Fats)

Olive oil is a potent natural source of Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant which promotes the growth of healthy skin, hair, and nails. Olive oil is also packed full of phytosterols which support collagen production, slows down the aging process, and restores skin’s youthful elasticity.olive-oil-vigor-trigger-620

Taking olive oil in your diet in moderate quantities can boost skin’s health. About 2 tablespoons of olive oil is considered a good amount for cooking or dressing a salad and provides around 40% of your daily recommended calories from fat.

Salmon: Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids, (EPA) & (DHA)salmon-dinnerOmega-3 fatty acids play a key role to combat and prevent many chronic skin disorders like acne, psoriasis, eczema. They are also important to slow or reverse the signs of premature aging. While there are other sources of omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is at the top of the list.

Berries: (Antioxidants + Hydration)berries-food-for-seniors

Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Strawberries, Cranberries, and other similarly-colored fruits are all high sources of antioxidants including Anthocyanins, Quercetin, and Vitamin C. These fruits are excellent sources of fiber and they promote heart health. These colorful fruits are rich in water content. Most dark colored berries contain around 85% water which not only helps to keep skin moisturized.

Chocolate (70% or Darker): (Antioxidants + Minerals)dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains antioxidants and pure cocoa is one of the highest-ranking foods on the ORAC scale of antioxidant power. It is also loaded with minerals like Magnesium, Iron, and Manganese which which are essential for cellular regeneration, oxygen transport, and stress reduction.)

Oysters : (Zinc)oysters3

Zinc is one of the most important minerals in the human body. It plays a huge role in over 300 enzymatic processes including cell division, immune function, wound healing, reproduction, digestion, and all of the five senses.

Tomatoes: (Lycopene)Tomatenmark

The antioxidant carotenoid known as Lycopene protects skin from sun damage and helps to prevent signs of aging. Tomato paste contains over 10x more Lycopene than ripe red tomatoes and is widely-recognized as the best food source of this powerful antioxidant.

Green Tea: (Antioxidants + Hydration)green-tea1

Green Tea is a great choice for healthy skin. The powerful antioxidants in green tea are known to protect against sun damage and skin cancer. Green tea also slows down the aging process by inhibiting the enzymes responsible for age-related weakening of the skin’s structure.


Water: (Hydration + Minerals)Drinking-water

All bottled water isn’t the same and some of what’s inside these containers can actually cause subtle harm to your body that won’t manifest until years, maybe even decades later in your life. Ignore water kept in plastic containers whenever possible. Drink pure and fresh water in adequate quantities to boost skin’s radiance.


Source: Natural Living Ideas


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