8 Make-up Tricks to Make Your Eyes Look Big and Pretty!

Nothing makes your face look prettier than big and beautiful eyes. If your eyes aren’t as big as you would like for them to be, fret not. We’ve got a few make up tricks that could make them seem a lot bigger than they really are. There’s one thing though – remember to keep them a secret!



Here are our make-up tricks to make your eyes look big and gorgeous…,

1.Use a concealer lighter than your skin colour

tricks to making your eyes look large

Applying a concealer around the eyes before you start applying make up on them is the norm. For your eyes to look bigger and brighter, use a concealer that is of a lighter colour when compared to the foundation that you’ve used on the rest of your skin. This will hide the dark circles to an extent and in general will have a brightening effect on the skin.

2.Curl your lashes

tricks to making your eyes look large

Curling your lashes is a ritual that you must follow to have your eyes appear big. It prevents the lids from casting their shadow onto your eyes and thereby making them look big and wide. All you’ll need is the right curler and some time spent on the lashes curling them up and out to look gorgeous.

3.Apply a thicker coat of mascara on your upper lashes in comparison to the lower lashes

tricks to making your eyes look large

A mascara is probably your biggest tool in making your eyes look big. Use a volume-increasing mascara and apply it onto your lashes such that the mascara on the upper coat is thicker than that of the lower coat. That does the trick in making your eyes look larger than they are.

4.Apply a thin but defined line of liner

You can use your liner in making your eyes look large as well. All you have to do is make a line above your eyes that is very defined. This is acquired through a liquid liner in most cases. It could be thin or thick but not-too-thick is preferable as the thicker it is, the more chance of it spreading out.

5.Start out thin and thicken the liner at the corners

make up tricks to make your eyes look large

Yet another way in which you can use your eye liner to make your eyes look big is to start out thin in the inner corners of your eyes and then as you go farther out, spreading it to become larger in thickness. This gives an illusion that your eyes are bigger than they are.

6.Use bright eye-shadows


Brighter eye shadows like blue, pink and green create an illusion that your eyes are big, bright and lively when compared to smokey or glittery eyes. Just make sure that there isn’t too much colour or you’ll end up looking over-ly made-up.

7.Darken the eye shadow at the creases so that they are defined

make up tricks to make eyes look large

The biggest hack in making your eyes look big, a trick that celebs swear by is it make a thick line of your eye shadow at your creases. See to it that the creases are defined and thicker than the rest of the lid when it comes to the eye shadow on them.

8.Arch your eyebrows

make up tricks to make eyes look large

When you get your eyebrows shaped next time, you should remember that the best shape to make your eyes look larger is to arch them into curves. Especially when your arched eyebrows start out thick and end thin.

There you go. That’s all it takes to get those beautiful, big eyes. It’s now time to go bat them pretty eye lashes at the world around you!


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