7 Techniques to Get Rid of Double Chin

It could be genetics or being over-weight or age or just fluid retention that could be the reason for that double chin, but we have to admit that it’s no fun to have a double chin. It could make us look fatter than we are and impose a whole lot of limitations on the make-up we use and on our clothes. With these simple little tricks however, you can get rid of double chin.


1. Massaging Cocoa Butter On To The Face

Cocoa Butter, a waxy and thick material that you can find in specific medical or beauty shops could do its bit in getting rid of that double chin for you. All you have to do is rub it over your double chin (and also the rest of the face if you’d like) and because it is such a thick and viscous substance, it tightens the skin. This could especially be helpful if your double chin is due to ageing of the skin or due to water retention.



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2. With The Help Of a Glycerin Mask

Glycerin is yet another chemical, which is known for its really high viscosity. When used in the form of a face mask, mixed with rose water (just to loosen it a bit), Glycerin can tighten the skin. This property of it helps in getting rid of that loose skin that leads to double chin. Just like cocoa butter, Glycerin helps get rid of double chin in the case of ageing and sometimes due to water retention.

3. Egg White Mask

Making a mask out of the egg whites and applying it on the skin is yet another means of fighting against that seemingly stubborn double chin. This works much like the above two – by tightening the skin. The process helps fight off the saggy skin that forms the double chin or when too much of water retention is the reason for it.

egg white mask

4. Chin Exercises

While we work out on all of our body, we often forget that chin and neck also need to exercised on constantly. Exercises like neck rotation or moving the face up and down against the neck are some of the exercises that can help lose fat in the chin and thereby fight the double chin.


5. Chewing Gum

Chewing gum for a while of the day works as something of an exercise to the jaws and thereby the chin. This helps in fighting the fat at the chin that helps lose double chin eventually. Chewing gum also helps lose the fat in our cheeks. It therefore works on removing all the excess fat in the face making it look less rounder and more defined. Remember to try and get sugar-less gum to chew on so that there’s no additional fat going into your body.


6. Use Make-Up Techniques To Hide It

Wise usage of make-up can actually help you hide that double chin of yours. So here’s what you should do for that – when you’re applying foundation onto your skin, apply a lighter shade of foundation on the rest of your face as compared to the chin. In fact, try and apply a darker shade of foundation onto your chin and upper neck even if you don’t want to use foundation on the rest of your face. This creates an optical illusion of sorts that makes your double chin less visible.


7. Massage Therapy

Among all the benefits that massaging has got to it, one of them is that it helps get rid of excess water retention in the body and evens out the spreading of fat through it. That way, getting yourself a good face massage helps thin your double chin and eventually completely gets rid of it too.


Using one or a mix up of these simple little techniques persistently over a period of time could eventually see to it that you rid yourself of that double chin that you always wanted off your face.



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