Daily Wear Hairstyles For The Chic You


The Indian girl is always on the go – party, office or in between. Just like her trendy wardrobe, a touch of cosmetics and jewelery, she also needs daily wear hairstyles to stay in the focus.

Just like her varied moods, there are various easy going out hairstyles for the Indian fashionista. And they don’t need time to make and style. Just a bit of confidence can help you strike a chic and happening look with daily wear hairstyles.

1. Messy Side Braided hairstyle

A fun outing needs hair that are fun to sport too. Take for example daily hairstyles for long hair for college. This simple yet messy side braid looks a rocker for summer days. Move your hair to the other side and braid up your locks. You can use bobby pins whenever you feel the need.

Kareena-Kapoor-Hairstyle-82. Kurta clad hairstyle

Stylish and functional, comfortable and presentable, everyday hairstyles for medium hair have become a rage with Deepika Padukone sporting it in the award-winning film Piku. It gives you a single girl next door look with effortless ease.


3. Short hairstyle

Mushroom is not just for eating. Check out this easy going out hairstyles sported by Tamil heroine Meghna Raj. With two feathers from either side falling over the cheeks and covering the ears, this easy going out hairstyles looks stunning and dashing. Did you know that this is a best open hair styles or free hair styles for saree?


4. Wavy hairstyle

Never mind if you have simple and straight looking hair. Make a little bit of curls and waves at the bottom of your hair, leave the fringes on the front side of the face and bingo this daily hairstyles for long straight hair would make you look a delight. It is a simple and attractive looking hairstyle which is preferred for social occasions that demand traditional and retro wear.



Simple-layered-waves-traditional-hairstyle5. Fizzy and highlighted hairstyle

You can’t miss the neat and clean everyday hairstyles for medium hair of celebrity Kajal. The best part is you don’t need to colour the entire hair. Have a streak of colour in the front and middle and that should make you look an easy and effortless diva.


6. Side Layers hairstyle

Enjoy this great easy going out hairstyles for any special event, especially if you have long hair. Just comb out your hair in order to remove tangles if any, put on an anti-frizz spray if you have dry looking frizzy hair, put on some hair serum, curl in the bottom of your hair to prevent them from looking edgy, and go rock.


7. Straight long hairstyle

Alright we know, Rani Mukherji is a celeb mom now. But her everyday hairstyles for medium hair in the form of straight long hair give her a signature look. To get this easy going out hairstyles, you just need to slightly layer your hair, blow dry them, and straighten your hair with a straightening flat iron. In fact, you can also put your straight long hair into a ponytail or bun.


8. Bob hairstyle

Tanu aur Manu, Kangana Ranaut looks absolutely chic and retro with her bob hairstyle. Such kind of daily wear hairstyles for short hair are a signature look of hers.  


So go ahead and try out these daily wear hairstyles, whether for long hair, long straight hair, short hair, medium hair and see how you look drool-worthy.



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