The Simplest & Most Helpful Eye Make-up Video Tutorial!

Getting your eye make-up right may not seem like a difficult task, but we most certainly know how tough it really is to get it all perfectly, especially if you’ve got not much time to spend on them. And hence, we’ve found that perfect video tutorial that can help you get your eye make-up right in just about five mins or so. Before you watch the video, here’s our quick summary:

eye makeup indian

Eye make-up in some simple steps:

1. Use a primer around your eyes.
2. Use three shades of shadows – one lighter than your skin, one a little darker and the other a few shades darker than your skin or black.
3. Apply all the three carefully with a blender brush.
4. Curl your lashes, apply mascara and then the liner.

Watch out for those simple little tips that the girl in the video shares – they’re really helpful. Go ahead and watch this fun, simple and small video that can help you loads with your eye make-up!


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