10 Quick And Easy Make-Up Hacks To Follow On A Busy Day

So it’s been a hectic day and you’ve only got a few minutes to look gorgeous for your next big event? Fret not, for we show you how you can do up your face to look amazing in the least time that you’ve got. Here are some make up hacks that can help you hasten up your make up routine while also making you look your beautiful best. Read on and you can thank us later!

1.Use a credit card to get that perfect eye-liner

applying eye liner with a credit card

Getting that eye-liner straight can seem like something of a task on days like this. All you have to do, however, is use your credit card. Place it on your lashes and draw that liner next to it to get it straight and sleek.

2.Use a light-coloured liner to hide your tired and dull eyes

light colored eye liner

Using thickly colored dark eye-liners and eye-shadows can only make your tired eyes look more tired. Try using lighter shades of liners for brightening them up.

3. Use a primer on your eyes before you apply an eye-shadow to make your eyes look brighter

applying primer on eye


A brighter and livelier colored eye shadow is all you need to make your eyes look bright. And to add brightness to your eye-shadow, use a primer on your eyes before you apply your eye-shadow on it.

4. Use peppermint oil on your lips before you do them

applying oil on lips

For fuller lips and lip color lasts all-day long, rub some peppermint oil onto your lips before you do them up. You’ll be surprised at how long your lip color is going to last.

5. Use baby powder on your lashes to make them look thicker quick

eye make up

Lashes can take quite a lot of time and patience to appear thick and fully done. To make the process quicker, dab some baby powder on to them so that the mascara sticks to them easily and faster.

6. Heat your eye-liner pencil before you apply it for thickness

Heating the eye liner

If you want a thick and defined line of liner, heat it a little bit before you apply it. This will also help you get that perfect line a lot quicker.

7.Use a concealer under your eyes to cover those dark circles

using concealor for under eyes

If used right, a concealer can actually work wonders in covering up your dark circles. Using the right shade of a concealer is important as well.

8. Use loose powder foundation to repair any foundation damages 

foundation powder

If you’ve applied too much foundation and it’s too late to do anything about it, dab some loose powder onto it so that it doesn’t look cakey.

9. Use baby oil to remove mascara that has spread out onto the lids

make up remover 9


Applying mascara with haste can sometimes lead it to spread onto the rest of your eyes. This can be undone with the help of baby oil which can easily remove the liner.

10. Use hairspray and apply it with toothbrush to calm down the frizz of your hair

highlighting the hair

If you’re hair tends to get frizzy despite straightening it when you get to the end of the day, using hairspray lightly onto your hair with the help of a toothbrush can help calm it down.


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