6 Secret Food Habits To Reduce Weight

The diet you chose is the major reason for being either obese or skinny, apart from genetics. To a far extent, diet changes play an important role in maintaining the right weight. You are what you eat and it is no surprise that some people are skinny because of their food habits. Let us know what skinny people always eat and what’s their dietary habits are:-

1) Dairy:-

A research conducted in Harvard and Brown Universities proved that people who ate low-fat or non-fat dairy products twice a day are slimmer than those who ate them rarely or never. It is because the high levels of calcium in milk and yogurt regulate the fat metabolism and help to release more fat. More particularly, it helps to reduce belly fat.



2) Oats:-

Most of the skinny people have a habit of eating high-fiber oatmeal or homemade granola in the mornings. This will kick start their metabolism and also keeps them full until lunch. A study showed that people who ate less than six grams of dietary fiber a day gained more pounds than those who ate at least eleven grams of fiber in their foods. For a 11 gram diet, top up one sliced banana and a hand full of almonds in a bowl of oats mixed with low-fat milk. There are yet other studies which show that over weight people who made eating oats as a habit tend to lose weight quickly as oats help in curbing food cravings.

a classic 11 gram fiber diet to kick start metabolism and regulate healthy weight loss
a classic 11 gram fiber diet to kick start metabolism and regulate healthy weight loss

3) Avocado:- 

Avocado is a best food to help weight loss. A study showed that people who ate half an avocado at lunch feel fuller for a long time and can control food cravings. This helps them maintain and balance their body weight. Avocados are rich in healthy monounsaturated fats which keeps the blood sugar balanced and fights extra hunger.

avocado guacamole


4) Chili Peppers:-

A scientific research proved that people who add cayenne red pepper to their diets every day are slimmer and less prone to food cravings. It is also proved that the capsaicin in chili peppers improve metabolism and controls fat building.

red chili pepper


5) Green Tea:-

Sipping green tea twice daily, instead of coffee or other beverages is proved to help keep slim and fat-free. A Japanese study showed that drinking a cup of green tea five times a day made people to lose belly fat faster than those who drank only one cup. The catechins in green tea increases the amount of energy your body uses and this helps reduce the body weight.

Picture of woman drinking herbal tea (green tea) from Alamy


6) Nuts:- 

Skinny people have a habit of munching on nuts like almonds when they feel cravings, as revealed through a research. A New England Journal of Medicine found that people who have a habit of eating nuts daily are sleeker and slender than those who do not eat nuts. Nuts are high in protein levels and regulates the hunger levels which helps to maintain a balance in our eating habits. Almonds, pistachios or peanuts are good to snack up daily.



# Make these simple diet changes to your routine to reduce weight and prevent obesity.


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