Glamour And Elegance of Glitter Nails


Go back to the senior secondary school days and remember we girls shied away from the glitter and shimmer. That was then when we were in teenage years. You might have crossed sweet sixteen, but in the thick of adulthood, we gals have the passport to embrace and enjoy our sweet indulgences. So look beyond silk chocolate and perfumes and give into glitter nails.



The latest thing creating a statement in the corridors of runways and party hours is not just nails but glitter nails. All you need to do is use materials other than nail paints in order to create textured designs. And bingo you have succeeded in befriending this major trend in the nail art industry.

Glittery nails are the easiest and the most attractive part of nail design. It goes without saying that most of the women love color and sparkle both. All you need to do is marry these things and you step into the glam world of glitter nails.


So get your pen and paper and start jotting down all that we share about glitter mania.

Watch specks of glitter set in purple and mauve dot your nails to abandon. Such kind of glitter art will look uber cool with matching western dresses such as maxi skirts to palazzo pants.

Glittering nailIn golden ivory, mauve and magenta, this Nail art glitter could be well creating a splash on the dance floor.


Color dust is in full swing thanks to Nail glitter designs.


Expect to look fashionable and fabulous when you dress up your nails with Glitter Nail Art. This awesome shade could make you look the prima donna with such ease.


The stroke, the flair, everything is so perfect in this Glitter Nail Art Designs. The design below gives a well-manicured designer impression a diva like you truly deserves.

Gliiter nail ideas

Ever wondered how gel nail polish with a bit of glitter could help your nails steal the limelight? Such is the classy magic of Glitter Nail Art Designs.


For the techie adventurous girl, this 3D flower painted on the top part of the nail gives a minimalistic glitter nail impression which looks stylish at the same time.

Glitter nail design

The pink paraphernalia seems to be in full bloom courtesy this lovely and feminine looking Nail Designs With Glitter. These specks of glitter will look lovely when worn with cocktail sarees or fusion wear, don’t you agree?

glitter-nail-art-designs 1

For lovers of blue shade, this Blue Glitter of DIY Nail art Design is nothing but pure inspiration to your mind.


How to create Glitter Nails is easy. You just need a base coat, good quality nail paint, some loose glitter and yes a top coat to get glitter nail art. Other options include glitter polish, glitter strip, and glitter which is blended with acrylic colors.

Just vary the amount of glitter you wish to use and your nails could well be on their way to looking chic, fabulous and perfect for the occasion and outfit.

The glow in the dark glitter adds a lot of fun and has a lively effect. It is perfect to wear for a fun night with friends. With so many options, you are sure to find something for yourself. Another great thing with glitter is that you can mix and match it with any color. Vary the amount of glitter you use and your nails could look attractive and chic.


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