DIY Floral Nail Art Designs and Tutorials

The blooming flowers are loved by any woman. Whether it’s spring or not, the pretty floral designs are always on for that extra girlish look. Love for florals and good hands for painting are all that you need to experiment with awesome nail arts. Actually all these designs look complex but they are deceptively simple.

Beautiful Floral Nail Art

This kind of multi-colored floral arts can be created simply by using dotting tools or tooth picks. The polka dots add extra beauty and makes the whole nail art look elegant. Various colors are used for creating these nail arts for the trendy chic style personality.


The pretty roses are one of a kind that are deceptively easy and the petals look so natural that you almost want to smell them. The cherry blossom, orchard, tulips, daisies or sunflowers.. no limits to your imagination to create the new and trendy nail arts to add that rich accessory to your overall look.


Spring never ends with the beautiful floral designs that almost mimic the colorful petals of your garden. Use light backgrounds for the sunny summer month styles or switch to darker backgrounds and rich colors to take back your nails right into the fall months.floral_nail_art_designs


French tip floral art: 

This nail art is a classic french tip style is popular among the working women, to keep that corporate look with an elegant girly style. Usually less colors are used to create this art with a free hand floral pattern.



The nail tips are painted in white or any light shade. A simple free hand floral design of any shade of your choice is drawn using the dotting tools blending slightly with the white coat for an artistic look. Follow up with polka dots at the center of the flower to give a natural blossom appearance.

Simple flower art: 


The above nail art with cute blossoms are very simple to do. Let dry the background color and by using dotting tools draw thick polka dots spaciously. Choose your favorite colors to draw the petals. Use more colors to give that elegant look.

Cool rosy nails:floral_nail_art_diy

This rose pattern is not difficult as it looks. Apply base coat and color your nails with a light shade. Draw random dots with white or a very light shade. You may use pink, peach, red or pink of lighter shade. Now by using a nail art brush draw some contour lines of darker shade within each dot to create the petals. Draw one or two leaves for each flower. Your soft romantic rosy nails make you want smell them.

Bright spring flowers nail art: 



For this natural spring art, coat your background with bright red shade. Once dry, using a striper nail brush, draw random stripes, halfway done. Use a nude pinkish color for the stripes. Now with a dotting tool, draw 5 dots like the petals of a flower as shown in image 3. Once dry, pick a lilac or any shade of your choice to put a dot at the center of the flower. Place a small rhinestone at the center of the flowers to enhance the art.

Fresh looking spring flower nail art:


This is yet another simple free hand floral pattern. It gives a clean and defined girly look to the nails. It adds a cute glamour with simple steps. Paint the nails with white or any nude color. Once dry, choose bright colors of your choice and using a dotting tool, draw two free hand flowers as shown in image 2. Don’t worry if they are not perfect. A little messy shape is okay. Draw one or two small leaves for each flower. Using a small dotting tool, put tiny dots at the center of the flowers with black paint. Draw thin free hand random arcs for the flowers using black to create the petal outlines. While drawing these arcs, be as quick as you can to keep the width uniform. This step is little tricky and should be done with care and attention. Finally draw thin black wavy lines for the flowers as shown in image 6, to complete the design.

Nail Art Video Tutorials:

Easy Floral Nail Art Tutorial For Beginners:

Simple Floral Nail Art Tutorial with Toothpick:




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