Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup

While most people prefer the natural look, it is an undeniable fact that makeup has transformed the looks of many women, be it a bollywood actress or any other celebrity. It has magical powers that make an average woman look like a diva. Makeup has been used on face with colorful pigments since time immemorial, even since the caveman days of Neanderthals.

In a research conducted Arnaud Aubert, experimental psychologist, talking about the importance of makeup says “If the brain is distracted by imperfections, it processes less and so has a weaker social assessment of the person it is looking at”. Makeup have a significant impact, not only on how attractive a face appears, but also on how likeable, trustworthy and competent we appear.

The hot bollywood divas inspire many girls with their awesome looks, flawless skin, smokey eyes, voluptuous hairstyle and the perfection. Oh wait! Did I just say “perfection”? You have got to check your favorite and awe-inspiring Bollywood beauties with and without makeup before dreaming for that perfection. Find the acclaimed Bollywood actress without makeup…

1. Sridevi :

She was the Bottecelli angel of many admirers with her sweet smile and sensual figure. And to know why people used to say she looks like goddess, one should watch her Chandni, Chand ka tukda, Roop ki rani and of course a long list. Sridevi was a phenomenon, so said by some great actors, which describes herself. Though she looks aged now, check the recent images of this “goddess of 80’s” with and without makeup:

Sridevi Kapoor Without Makeup vs With Makeup

2. Deepika Padukone:

She is a lady with good features, fashion sense, signature smile, cute dimples and all natural. She looked eye-catching in her YJHD, Ramleela, Chennai express and the recent HNY. Her hardcore fans say that she score good looking features even without makeup. While she looks like a girl next door sans makeup, she is definitely a glamour doll with all her makeup and inspiring style-statement. Lets check:

Deepika Padukone Without Makeup and Hairstyle


Deepika Padukone Without vs With Makeup

3. Aishwarya Rai:

Probably India’s best known face world wide, she is definitely India’s pride and the whole world’s envy. Scoring good films nationally and internationally, she looks stunning in makeup even in her 40’s with her flawless skin and hazel eyes. Few people say that her age is showing on her face. Check this beauty with brains with and without makeup:

Aishwarya Rai Without Makeup vs With Makeup

4. Priyanka Chopra:

Priyanka is the hot and happening till today. Surprisingly, she looks fresh and new in each of her films. With her good features, seducing looks and pretty smile, she has gained many admirers, though some people claim that she looks dull without makeup. Oh really?

Priyanka Chopra Without Makeup vs With Makeup

5. Vidya Balan:

This Parineeta fame has apparently brought the traditionals south Indian sarees to red carpet with her simple and elegant drape. Known to be intellectual man’s Madhubala, she broke the stereotypes of how a bollywood actress should look like. Her style comes definitely from her attitude and not from makeup. Though she does not look perfect sans makeup, she is yet a natural beauty which cannot be achieved by brush strokes but inspires art. Check the girl-next-door-look of Vidya without makeup:

Vidya Balan Without Makeup Vs With Makeup

6. Kalki Koechlin:

Kalki is best known to be an unconventional actress with her fresh and flawless skin, with a really wide megawatt smile. Her skin is all that makes her charming even without makeup and she says that she extremely dislikes makeup. She prefer to appear without wearing makeup in public events with a bright cheer and confidence on her face. While most of the celebrities look like clones to each other, Kalki looks quite different from others in terms of the roles she does or in terms of her appearance.

Kalki Koechlin With and Without Makeup

7. Sonam Kapoor: 

Sonam looks very simple and sophisticated off screen, without makeup. While most of the bollywood actresses avoid doing a role without makeup, this Masakali girl was bold enough to appear without wearing makeup in the fresh love story Ranjhaanaa.

Sonam Kapoor Without Makeup vs With Makeup

8. Kareena Kapoor:

She is on the top of the celebrities list who appears sans makeup in public. She dares to face cameras without an iota of makeup, yet looking fresh and flawless. Critics say that she looks dull and tired without eye makeup.

Kareena Kapoor Without and With Makeup
Kareena Kapoor Without and With Makeup

9. Shraddha Kapoor:

Shraddha is definitely one of the bollywood actresses who looks pretty even without makeup. Her flawless skin and glowing texture with beautiful features is all that she possess. She is lucky enough to look super gorgeous with bare face.

Shradda Kapoor Without Makeup vs With Makeup
Shradda Kapoor Without Makeup vs With Makeup

10. Sonakshi Sinha:

Sonakshi inherits the pretty looks of her mother and possess a glowing skin. She looks beautiful and charming with or without makeup. With her innocent smile and flawless face, she sways everyone even with a minimal makeup.She amazed everyone when she posted her fresh-from-the-bed pic on her micro-blogging page and wrote ‘Rise and shiiine! Im working this sunday… What plans?! She in fact looked awesome in her no paint look.

Sonakshi Sinha Without Makeup and With Makeup

11. Katrina Kaif: 

Katrina is best known to be charming without makeup. She is often spotted with a bare face in public. It appears that she uses a little foundation without any makeup, yet looks stunning. With her porcelain skin, hourglass figure and bright features, she looks equally stunning and extremely confident with or without makeup. katrina_kaif_without_makeup

12. Parineeti Chopra: 

She looks just like a girl next door when she appears with a bare face. Parineeti has extremely simple and cool appearance with clear skin, but it is not easy for people to recognize her without makeup. She is one of those natural beauties who did not undergo any cosmetic surgeries. She likes to go out in a casual look, just wearing a little lip balm. While her cousin sister Priyanka Chopra is always spotted chic and stylish, she is bold enough to stay simple and casual most of the time.

Parineeti Chopra With and Without Makeup

13. Kajol: 

Kajol have got spotless skin with bright eyes. Her beauty lies in her confidence and her elegant Bengali face. Even after being a mother of two kids, she didn’t lose her charm. She like to go out wearing minimal makeup with only kohl and liner. Her gleamy and expressive eyes is sufficient to make her look attractive always, though she looks more pretty with complete makeup on.

Kajol With and Without Makeup




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