Dressy and Gorgeous Hairstyles That Go Perfectly Well With Anarkalis!

Anarkalis are one of the most beautiful desi pieces of clothing which has off late become a hot-favourite with Indian women. While donning an anarkali in itself can make any woman look regal and beautiful, it is also important to team it up with the right hair-do. So what are those hair styles that go really well with anarkalis helping accentuate their beauty? Let us help you with that with our list of these fab hairstyles you should try out with anarkalis.

1.Fishtail Braid:

A fishtail braid, messy or neat goes really well with just about any anarkali suit. The messy style combed side ways and plaited loosely, gives you a sophisticated vintage appearance, while the neatly plaited fishtail braid makes you look elegant. And here’s proof of just how beautiful a fishtail braid can look with your anarkali!fish braid

best_hairstyles_with_anarkali_dresses indian_hairstyles_with_anarkali_suits

side braid

2. Loose Curls:

Loosely curled wavy hairstyle is yet another popular hairstyle that goes along with just about any kind of desi wear and especially with anarkalis. Along with adding that glamour quotient to your anakali attire, it also helps make your hair look voluminous.



3. Updo

An updo hair-style and an anarkali make for a super-elegant hair style combination that’s just fit for the red-carpet or weddings. There are a whole lot of updo and knotty hairstyles that you can experiment out. Let some of our divas show you just how beautiful this hair-do can look.


updo hair

updo hair2


4. Straight hair

To add a girly charm to your anarkali, straighten your hair to make it look sleek and leave it loose. The straight hair hair-style goes really well with just about any dress adding a lot more pretty-ness to it.

straight_hair_with_anarkalistraight hair


5. Loose Waves

Beach waves are definitely in this season and the wavy hairstyle goes really well with every outfit (desi and western) that we wear – and that’s every reason why you should try it out with your anarkalis as well.  Take a look at some of our divas show you how well it can go with them!

tamanna_hairstyle_with_anarkaliloose wavesRegina Cassandra Ridhi Mehra

6. Half-up Half-Down

The half-up and half-down hairstyle is the go-to hairstyle for most desi girls for the simple reason that it looks dressy and gorgeous without us really having to spend much time on it. To add to that, there are so many ways in which you can wear this hair-do which makes it interesting and fun.

half up half downhalf up half down 1

7. Curls

Give your wavy hairstyle a little more intensity and go full-on curly. Curls never fail to add charm to your outfits and can look really good with the long and flowy anarkalis.



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