Wash Cloth Face Steam For Clear Skin

Hot compress and face steaming often works better in clearing the skin and reducing acne. It helps in opening the pores and removes all the dirt and grim from deep inside. White heads and black heads gets removed and prevented easily by doing the simple wash cloth steaming method twice a week. This is very simple to use and takes just a few minutes. All you need is a clean white wash cloth and water.spa products

How to do:

Cleanse the face thoroughly with a face wash.

Add a few drops of Lavender essential oil to hot water.

Wet a wash cloth in the hot(not scalding) water.

Wring it out.670px-Make-A-Simple-Hot-Compress-for-Muscle-Pain-Step-3

Press it over clean and fresh face for few minutes. The cloth keeps getting cooled quickly, so you need to swap the cloth in hot water and wring it several times.Washcloth

Look in the mirror and carefully check whether the pores have opened.

If the pores have not opened, repeat the wash cloth hot steam again for few minutes.steam open pores

Once the pores are open, use a gentle scrub to exfoliate.

Now wash the face with cold water or use ice blocks to close the pores.ice to close pores

Apply moisturizer or vitamin-E oil over the face and massage well.

Repeat twice a week for fresh and clear skin. Black heads, white heads and acne can be prevented to a great extent.tricks-to-perfect-skin-01-bess431

Don’t forget steaming your face skin every time before applying a face mask.



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