Ultimate Tips For An Incredible Flat Tummy

A recent study found the average woman’s waist has increased by seven inches since the 1950’s — from a toned 27 to a solid 34. A flat stomach is not a genetic gift. how to get flat tummyAny woman can have a flat and sleek tummy with a little dedication. Just determine in your mind and make a healthy routine on your way to get that incredible flat belly you have been dreaming.

Check these ultimate tips of all time to get a flat tummy:

 1. Avoid Alcohol: Avoid-AlcoholThe liver processes the alcohol before carbohydrates and proteins. Any little alcohol you have taken can slow down the fat burning to a considerable extent. Stay away from alcoholic beverages if you are dreaming to have a sleek stomach.

2. Avoid Constipation: To avoid constipation you need more soluble fiber from whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

3. Avoid Sugar: Keep your sugar intake as close to zero grams as possible.

4. Avoid Salt:Avoid_salt Keep your sodium intake as low as possible. Use cayenne pepper instead, to flavor your foods. Cayenne pepper is effective in burning your belly fats.

5. Avoid Stress: Anxiety produces extra cortisol, the hormone that encourages the body to store fat—particularly in the abdominal region. Practice deep-breathing exercises to lower your anxiety levels.

6. Cardio Secrets: 004_1_Belly-Workout-Cheat-Sheet_v2MEDIAFor fat-melting cardio, keep in tune with your weight. For instance, if you are 155 pounds, do 155 minutes per week by breaking down the schedule to 50-50-55 minutes for 3 alternate days or plan a schedule as per your convenience.

7. Whole Grains: Replace your grains with whole grains to speed up your belly fat burning.

8. Sculpt Your Posture: While your are working, driving or waiting for someone, make a habit to stick straight and hold yourself up keeping your shoulders straight. Avoid leaning on the back of your chair.

9. Kick Your Punches: boxing for belly fatBoxing is great technique to melt all the belly fat. Add 16 minutes of boxing three times a week to your regular cardio routine and you can lose up to 2 inches from your waist in four weeks. Simply throw punches while holding 1- or 2-pound weights for 8 minutes, alternating arms. Then repeat without weights at a faster pace for 8 more minutes.

10. Magic Snack-Hour: Eat a protein-rich snack between 3 pm to 4 pm and never miss it however busy you may be. Much some almonds or an apple. This trick is highly effective in lowering your insulin levels and consequently your body stores less fats.

11. Simple Diet Tip: sunflower seeds for belly fatSprinkle 1-2 tbsp of sunflowers seeds or flax seeds to your breakfast, salads or snacks.

12. Increase Your MUFAs: Increase your intake of mono-unsaturated fatty acids(MUFA) by eatinf more avocados. olive oil, sunflower oil or peanut butter. Enjoy a dark chocolate everyday.

13. Sea-foods: Replace your dinner completely with sea-foods like fresh salmon, tuna, shrimps or any fatty fish. Eat only protein and leafy green vegetables for dinner. Avoid night-time snack. Make sure to have a simple supper and eat as early as you can. 7 pm is ideal for dinner to keep your belly healthy and fat free.

14. Ginger: Add more ginger to your foods to improve digestion and to reduce fat-storage.

15. Sleep Sufficient: Sleep deprivation slows down metabolism and also makes the subcutaneous fat cells insulin resistant. This causes more fat to get stored into your body, especially the belly area.

16. Red Fruits: Keep your fruit basket filled with red fruits. Red color means more flavanoids that highly reduces the fat storage. Red apples, red grapes, watermelons, plums, cranberry and all those red fruits are a must to reduce belly fat.

17. Fish-Oil Supplements: Taking fish-oil capsules daily is very important for a well-toned stomach. In fact it provides all the benefits your body needs.

18. Elastic Corset:corset flat tummy Wearing a corset or other compression garment for a long time could give the wearer the advantage of reduced wait size. back support and posture control because of the binding and cinching effect. However, extended use of these is not recommended. Jessica Alba has proved its effectiveness wearing for two months for few hours a day.

19. Chew More: Chew your foods until it becomes juicy. Never eat fast. Digestion of food starts right from your mouth and chewing food thoroughly lowers the stress on your digestive track. It prevents stomach bloating and keeps it sleek.

20. Make A Magic Elixir: Mix sliced lemon, oranges, grape fruit, watermelon, cinnamon or ginger to a large jug of water. Sip this flavored water throughout the day instead of plain water.flat tummy menu

21. Six Meal Rule: Take meals in smaller quantities six times a day instead of two large meals.


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