Tutorial: Making the Sleek Ponytail with Quiff

There’s no hairstyle that’s trending like the sleek ponytail lately. It makes you look elegant, chic and work-ready all at the same time. To add to all that, getting a sleek ponytail is really easy too. A slight quiff on the front is a great addition to the sleek ponytail especially if you plan on donning the pony for a party night or for an evening with your friends. Getting the sleek ponytail with quiff can be done in 4 of these simple steps.

high sleek ponytail with quiff

Steps for making the sleek ponytail with quiff:

Step 1 : Wash your hair and dry it

washing and drying hair

Wash your hair, apply a straightening conditioner and dry it before you try out the sleek ponytail. Hair can be styled with perfection the way we want it when the styling is done right after we wash it.

Step 2 : Straighten your hair

straightening hair

Straighten your hair with the help of a straightener and make it perfectly straight. Apply a straightening serum so that it stays straight and sleek.

Step 3 : Make the quiff

making a quiff

It’s now time to make the quiff. Take a bit of the hair in the front and tease it.  The quiff could be of any thickness that you’d like it to be. Keep the quiff in place with hair pins.

Step 4 : Tie the hair into a pony

high sleek pony

Tie all the hair into a sleek and loose pony such that the quiff is not disturbed. Re-adjust the quiff after you’ve tied your hair into a pony and re-straighten the pony so that it stays straight.

And lo…your sleek ponytail with quiff is all your to show off!

Here’s a tutorial to help you get more clarity on getting the sleek ponytail with a quiff right.



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