Tutorial: How to Do Wavy Side Swept Hairstyle

That perfect hairstyle to go with your long, flowy and regal red carpet look isn’t straight hair or curls but it’s the side-swept curls. No other hairstyle could add more elegance and style to your designer outfits like sarees, floor length anarkalis and dresses than the side-swept curls.


Samantha and Trisha in Side Swept Curls Hairstyle

Here’s Samantha Prabhu and Trisha Krishnan showing us how you can team up the side swept curls with a Kanjeevaram saree making it the go-to Indian hairstyle to try out for weddings.


Samantha shows us how to do the side-swept curls to get a cute-yet-ravishing look to go with your western attire. When you decide to go western, here’s proof that side swept curls are one of the coolest western hair styles to try out.




Easy as they seem, getting that perfectly side-swept curls’ hairstyle isn’t all that easy. It takes some time and a good amount of practice to get the look right. Here’s a step by step guide to getting those bouncy and gorgeous side swept curls in the least time possible.

Step 1

After you wash your hair, don’t completely blow-dry it as hair needs to be slightly damp to retain the moisture. In fact, if your hair has dried up a bit too much, you will have to use a hydrating spray to get your strands to stick together.

Step 2
Apply a hair gloss that could make your hair shiny and sleek. You don’t have to apply this to the scalp and can instead apply it just on your strands through their length.

Step 3
Start curling your hair from the top. If instead, you want only the bottom-most part of your hair curled, curl only the lower halves of the strands. Curl up carefully by holding up each bunch of strands with a clip as you curl all of your hair to completion.

Step 4
Pull all of the hair to one side. Making a partition on your scalp helps with this but if you don’t want a partition you can still go ahead and pull all of your hair to one side by just combing it to the side.

Step 5
Apply some more hydrating gel to the side swept hair and add more curls that can help you get the side-swept curls look to perfection.
See it wasn’t that difficult at all! Watch these video tutorials to help you get those enviably perfect side swept curls.

Side Swept Wavy Hairstyle Tutorial:


Three Different Side Swept Looks: 



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