Tutorial: Half-up Half-down Indian Party Hairstyle

An updo is always a great way to wear your hair, a half updo – all the more so. The go-to hairstyle for most parties, events and dos, the half-up and half-down Indian party hairstyle is something that’s elegant and pretty. Most of all, it is easy to do and goes with just about any outfit, be it a saree, anarkali, bridal gown or a dress.



Since it isn’t a complete updo, it won’t really take long for you to get the half up and half down hairstyle. Here’s how to get yourself this pretty-looking, party hairstyle in 4 simple steps:

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Step 1 : Wash your hair and apply some gel to it
washing and drying hair

Wash your hair, apply a conditioner for the texture of the hair that you’d like to get and dry it off.

Step 2 : Straighten your hair

The first step to nearly every hairstyle that you’re to try out is to straighten your hair, atleast upto an extent that it gets to being softer from being frizzy and out-of-control.

straightening hair

Step 3 : Make the updo

Whatever updo you’ve chosen for your hairstyle, go ahead and make it. To make the updo, layer your hair into the two halves, pull the outer half and make a knot out of it on the back of your head neatly by braiding the hairs, twisting them or anything else that you’d like to do with them. Use bobby pins to make the knot stay in place.

making half updo

Step 4 : Style the rest of the hair

curling hair

It is now time to style the other half of the hair which was left lose. Make curls out of it using a curling iron or a straight iron for the best appeal. If however, you wish to leave it lose, you can also go for that.

You can then decorate the updo you’ve made with flowers, patterned bobby pins, mini clips or pretty lace ribbons. And there you go…that pretty party hairstyle that you’ve always wanted for yourself is yours to flaunt around!

Here’s a video tutorial that can help you get that perfect half updo: 



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