Top 12 French Beauty Secrets For Every Woman

French girls are effortlessly and mysteriously beautiful.. They always manage to look so healthy and happy. They are well known for their flawless polished skin, their gorgeous eyes, lips and lustrous hair. It is a popular fact that French women never get fat. There are some simple tips and tricks which most of the French women specially practice for skin and hair care and for good health since ancient times. Here are a few tips for achieving that “Parisian Pretty” look. french-woman

French Beauty Secrets:

1. No direct exposure to sun:

French girls don’t sun bath and they try to avoid direct exposure to sun all the times. They love their Vitamin-D, but they don’t get it by exposing to sun’s rays directly. French women know how harmful the sun’s rays are and they do everything to protect themselves, either applying sunscreen liberally, wearing hats or carrying an umbrella. They always keep away from sun which is the major culprit of premature ageing.

2. French girls say no to gym:

French girls do not care for indoor workouts. They think that exercises in gym is like a torture and that they are not born to do anything of this kind. Instead, French girls try to walk more, so that exercise falls into their activities seamlessly, or they choose an event that they truly enjoy, such as swimming or aerobics.

french beauty tips

 3. French girls drink more water:

French women drink water all day long. In France, water is regarded like royalty: it’s a beverage, a beauty product, a skin enhancer etc. French women believe that when you drink enough water, your skin will be healthy and glowing from the inside out.

For them water is not just for drinking. French women love to spray mineral water several times a day on their skin to keep it glowing and hydrated.

4. French girls love face and hair masks:

french green clay face mask
French girls indulge more in face masks and use them at least twice a week without fail. Acacia honey mask, green clay mask are more popular in France and are used since generations. Every girl has her own beauty routine which are usually passed to them from family traditions. French girls love their DIY beauty products. Their homemade beauty products contain ingredients that can be found in their fridge or kitchen cupboards. They include olive oil in all their masks.

They use a mixture of egg yolk, rum, and olive oil on hair. They apply this to their hair and scalp, leave for an hour and then shampoo. They claim that it makes hair very shiny, with a lot of body. Lavender and seaweed are very popular in homemade masks.

6. French girls believe ‘less is more’:

French girls know how to look great in minimal makeup. French girls don’t like to change themselves by using heavy makeup. So when putting on makeup, they just want to look fresher and not any thing else. And they like to look the same when they remove all the makeup. Women brush their brows, curl lashes, put on a little bit of mascara, a little bit of blush and sometimes a little concealer and not anything more.

They makeup either eyes or lips but never both.

7. French girls aren’t afraid to go all natural:

marion cotillard french actress without makeup

French girls use makeup sparingly – and smartly – to look like a slightly more polished version of themselves. French women use beauty products to enhance their natural look and physique. They are flexible about their appearance—they can go without makeup and don’t mind messy hair. This makeup minimalism reflects the innate confidence French women have.

8. French girls take skincare seriously:

French women start their skin care regimen at an early age.They are serious about every step in their skincare routine from cleanser to serum to SPF and beyond. Instead of waiting for aging to begin and then fighting it with powerful, irritating products, they employ a routine that slows down the effects of aging before they begin. French girls give more priority to skincare than to makeup.

9. French girls appreciate a simple red lip:Model-with-red-lipstick
A red lip brightens up the face instantly. It shows confidence, and it undoubtedly makes others smile. French women love to wear red lipsticks and they prefer not to use lip liner. Whether it’s a stick, a balm, a gloss, or a stain, they just stick to flattering red ones. They don’t do any step by step makeup to lips but keep it confined to a lip shade.

10. French girls don’t wash hair daily:

French girls do not wash their hair every day. They believe that washing hair every day – or even every other day- will remove natural nourishing oils from the scalp. They use dry shampoo instead. Usually they wash their hair once or twice a week.

11. French girls have a signature fragrance:french perfumePerfume is very important for French girls and they adore sweet, feminine fragrances. The most popular fragrances among French women are vanilla based or have a strong floral aspect. France is the country of perfume. Every French woman has one personal fragrance.

12. French girls love cold shower:

French girls know the importance of cold water bath. It can significantly improve your blood circulation, so after the usual routine with warm water, French girls like to finish their bath with cold water. This routine energizes the body and the mind and also keeps the skin beautifully glowing.


  1. Ah ah ! How sweet are your eyes on french girls ! But actually, only a few things are true in this article. By example, we follow fashion, that’s why since about one year, we prefer light make-up. But I know a lot of French who don’t follow this fashion and have a lot of make-up on their face.
    That’s right that we don’t wash our hair each day. And personnally I put and keep Amla Oil the whole night before I wash. Amla Oil is the best care for hair according to me. Since I’ve discovered two years ago, I can’t do without ! So don’t follow french hair care. Indian women have fabulous hair !!!
    No sun ? We’d like to be strong enough to avoid sun, but we love it too much, and especially tainted skin. But that’s true that we generally put sun cream to avoid sun burnt.
    No gym ? That’s true that doctors recommend to practice an activity we enjoyed. Some girls prefer walking but some others like gym.
    Doctors also recommend to drink a lot of water. Personnally I prefer green tea. And I never spray mineral water on my face.
    I’d also like to have a family secret for my skin. Unfortunately… One of my indian friends told me that I can use Amla for my skin only. I’ll try it when I’ll come next time.
    As you see, I steal the indian secret of beauty’s tips 😀


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