Top 10 Gorgeous and Trendy Hairstyles to go with a Saree

Such is the fragility of the Saree look that whenever you wear a Saree, it’s really important to see to it that whatever else you choose to go with it, like the accessories, the shoes, the bag and most importantly, the hairstyles complement the look. Did we mention that it’s the hairstyle that we choose which is the most important? Yes we did – because it really is! The wrong hairstyle could ruin the whole look. But what hairstyle can really help elevate your Saree attire making you look as elegant as the Saree itself? Let us help you with that.

Here’s a list of ten really elegant hairstyles to go with a saree that have been tried and tested by our Indian actresses.

1. Bouffant Messy Bun

Bun adds elegance to a saree like no other hairstyle can. And that’s especially if you choose to wear a kanjeevaram or a saree with some heavy work on it. Among our celebs, Deepika knows really well how to do the bun. Here’s how she pulls off the messy bun like a pro. Tamannah’s messy bun with the Raw Mango saree was great as well!





2. Sleek Ponytail

A sleek ponytail goes well with the saree too. More so if the saree has a retro, modernistic vibe to it. The only thing you should do is make sure that the ponytail as sleek as you can get it to be and will stay so for as long as you are wearing the saree. Making it a wee bit puffy on the front, the way Nargis here does it is a great way to do it as well.




3. Updos

While the messy bun is a way to wear your hair up, why not try out a proper updo…by braiding it and making a bun out of it or by weaving it into a really crafty bun? It definitely takes a whole lot of time and skill to get the updo right but once it’s done, it looks so great that it is one of the best hairstyles to go with a saree. Here are Kajal and Hansika showing us just how gorgeous an updo can look.




4. Wavy Side Swept Hairstyle

Leaving your hair loose always adds a touch of elegance to the Saree. And if you make waves out of your hair and sweep it one side, it is definitely going to make you look graceful along with bringing out the beauty of Saree. Samantha shows us how to pull of the side swept wavy hairstyle with Kanjeevarams.


5. Sleek Straight Hair

Leaving your hair loose after making it sleek and straight is yet another way to add grace to your Saree attire. It is a very commonly spotted hairstyle in weddings and events lately. An asset for this kind of hairstyle is that it can be done in the least time with the least effort and yet look stunning.




6. Long Loose Waves

When you get your hair to look wavy, everything that you do with your hair is going to make it look great…especially if it is long. While side sweeping your hair is one way to wear it, Kajal and Regina show us that it can look just as good when left free and loose. You can make your long and loose hairstyle go well with Kanjeevarams as well as heavily-worked-upon sarees.



7. Puffy Half Up Hairstyle

If you think that your hair is too unruly to leave it all through the time that you are going to be wearing your saree, tie up a little bit of it by making a sort of a half-up hairstyle. Making the front of your hair puffy and bouffant the way Deepika does it can help you look elegant, just like Deepika here does.

Deepika-Padukone-hairstyle_with_sarees9. Loose Curls Hairstyle

Curling up the ends of your hair is a great way to wear it too. Leave the upper part of your hair straightened while adding curls to the lower half of the hair and then leave it loose. This can make your hair stay put while also making you look graceful. Samantha shows us how you can do the loose curls and look pretty in it too!



10. Fish Tail Braid

Braiding up your hair has always gone well with the Saree. While a messy braid is what we wouldn’t really suggest, experimental braids like the French braid and the Fish Tail braid go really well with Sarees, fish tail braid being the best of them braids. All you need to do is bring up on a little bit of patience and try out the fish tail braid and you’re going to add much grace and oomph to your Saree attire.





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