Top 4 tips to reduce open pores naturally

Open pores are not a skin ailment. Every skin type, oily or dry, normal or combination, have pores. They are small openings around the hair follicles that secrete sweat and oil. Pores also absorb moisture. They are larger for people with oily skin. They also tend to appear bigger with age as the skin begins to lose its elasticity.

Skin pores

Secondly, pores do not open and close. They simply appear larger if they get congested with oil, dirt or makeup. The dirtier your pores, the wider they look. Thus, people prone to open pores on skin should adhere to a regular regimen to keep their skin oil and dirt free.
Wisdom lies in choosing healthy and natural products to reduce open pores. Here are a few cleansing remedies.

1. Exfoliation

Skin ExfoliationSoak 1 tablespoon of oats in 2 tablespoons of raw milk for 15 minutes. Scrub it on your face and neck and wash it off with water. Oats mildly removes dead skin cells and cleanses your pores. Raw milk acts as a mild moisturizer for oily skin.

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2. Toning


Mix equal parts of cucumber juice, lemon juice and rose water. Use this as a toner to reduce open pores naturally. You can store it in the fridge for 3 to 4 days.

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3. Oil Control

Oil Control

Make a thin face mask of fuller’s earth with rose water. Wash it off only once it’s completely dry. Fuller’s earth extracts all the excess oil from your pores as it dries.

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4. Tightening

Skin Tightening Tips

Whisk one egg white till it’s frothy. Apply this froth as a face mask. Wash it off with water once it’s dry. Egg whites clean the pores and tighten your skin.

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Following the above skin cleansing methods weekly will visibly reduce open pores on face.

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