Simple Tips To Keep Eyes Sparkling

Eyes are the mirrors of your soul. Beautiful and attractive eyes is one thing any woman desires of. The condition of eyes will effect the appearance of face totally. Your face will look as attractive as your eyes are.

beautiful eyes
attractive and glowing eyes affects the way you look

Eyes indicate the health condition of our body and tired eyes will make you look ill. On the other hand eyes are very sensitive and even a slightest stress or tiredness will reflect in eyes. So, it is very important to take care of your eyes at the end of the day. Whether we work or not, eyes constantly work throughout the day and need good care. Some simple tips to keep eyes sparkling are listed below:-

drink plenty of water to keep eyes glowing and healthy
drink plenty of water to keep eyes glowing and healthy


To maintain your eyes healthy and attractive you just need only few simple steps. You can choose a best suitable remedy from the following and adopt to your routine:-

1) Cucumber Slices:- This is one of the most effective remedy to reduce the puffiness of eyes and to keep eyes glowing. Cucumber has the water retention properties and are very soothing. Cucumber relaxes the eye muscles and gives a cool effect. Eyes gets rejuvenated and even the dark circles will get reduced. This is also a good remedy to treat dry eyes.

Place cucumber slices over the eye lids for at least 15 minutes daily for good results.

cucumber for eyes
cucumber reduces puffiness and gets back the natural glow

2)Rose Water:-  This is an easy remedy to remove dullness from the eyes. Soak two cotton balls in rose water for few minutes. Add 2 drops of castor oil on each cotton ball and place over these cotton balls over eye lids for 10-15 minutes daily.This will give a cooling sensation to eyes and keeps the eyes brighter and sparkling.

treat your eyes with rose water
treat your eyes with rose water

3)Tea Bags:- Take 2 green tea or black tea bags and wet them in little water. Place these tea bags in refrigerator until they get very chill. Place these tea bags over the eye lids for 10-15 minutes. This will make the eyes very fresh and glowing.

tea bags for eyes
chilled tea bags refreshes the eyes

4)Vitamins:- Always have adequate amounts of Vitamin-A enriched foods, not over dosed or insufficient. Natural way is best rather than depending on pills. Add adequate amounts of carrots, beetroots, spinach, papaya, squash, fish etc., to your diet. Drink plenty of water.

food for healthy eyes
take right foods for healthy eyes

5)Proper Sleep:- Nothing will help more than adequate sleep to keep your eyes glowing. Proper sleep keeps your eyes healthy and attractive. Always have adequate sleep at regular schedules.

a good night sleep makes your eyes look brighter
a good night sleep makes your eyes look brighter

6)Avoid radiation:- Take care while you go out in the sun. Use best sun glasses available, to protect your beautiful eyes from harsh sun. Never spend too much time looking at tv screen or computer screen. It damages the sensitive nerves in the eyes and makes the eyes look very dull and aged.

rosewater for eyes
splash little rosewater over eyes several times during work

When you have to work on computers for longer times, take short breaks and close your eyes for few seconds placing your palms over the eyes. If possible splash your eyes with little rose water a few times while your work on screens.





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