Tamanna’s Beauty Secrets Revealed

At last the milky beauty Tamanna Bhatia has revealed her beauty secrets. Actresses tend to go to any extent to maintain their beauty, but Tamanna seems to be quite different from her competitors in the film industry. Her film Chand Sa Roshan Chehra is very apt for her bright moon-like face.

tamanna beauty secrets

The Ayan girl revealed that she refrains herself from the dangerous chemical cosmetics. Her glowing milky skin is what attracts the audience at the first looks. Audience and co-stars always wonder how she could maintain her ever glowing milky shining face besides exposing to extreme weathers and make-ups as a part of her work. Not only the complexion but a very flat tummy and slim figure are also her biggest assets which make other actresses envy on her.



To everyone’s surprise, Tamanna said,”‘I never take care about my skin like others. My mother is against the use of fairness creams and other costly cosmetics”, “I never use fairness creams” she added.

Though her color is what she attained genetically, its inevitable that she needs to take care of her beautiful face, hair and structure to maintain her glamour. This cutest girl has adopted a strict regimen to her routine to maintain her glamour which she revealed now.



Some of the beauty secrets Tamanna revealed are here:-

  • She always prefer Vegetarian diet.
  • She is a big fan of yogurt and she always adds yogurt to her meals to keep her body cool.
  • Tamanna like fried food but she completely avoids fried and processed foods to maintain her figure.
  • She drinks lot of water, soups and fruit juices and she says that is why her skin looks always hydrated.
  • She starts her day by eating a hand full of soaked almonds and drinking lukewarm water mixed with a little honey.

Tamanna _bhatia

  • She avoids sugar and sugar products.
  • If there is no shooting, she completely avoids make up.
  • She always like to stay simple without using harmful make-up or hair-dos.
  • Her favorite brand lipstick is Estee-Lauder.
  • She hits the gym everyday and she never skips her Ab crunches, cardio, weights and free hand exercises with the support of her expert trainer. She spends at least one hour a day in gym.



  • Tamanna strictly follows her Yoga exercises daily to maintain her health and beauty.
  • Tamanna uses besan, neem and turmeric in her homemade face packs.
  • Tamanna says she never use shampoos to wash her hair. She prepares herbal powders at home to clean her scalp and hair. She uses Shikakai, Papaya and Amla to make her herbal hair wash. She said she washes her hair daily as hair is greatly exposed to bad weather during shootings.



  • At the end of the day, she is always careful in removing her makeup completely before going to bed.
  • She uses herbal scrubs to exfoliate her skin regularly.
  • Tamanna says, she never forgets to smile and that is why she always looks appealing.


Having known Tamanna’s beauty secrets now, get going girls!



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