How to take care of chemically treated hair

We all love our tresses and care for them like crazy. Don’t we? And in recent times, we’ve seen actresses flaunting their straight hair in so many pretty hairdos that we started loving it and envied the girls who are born with such hair and went straight ahead for salons to get the hair straightened! Although we loved our new look, the chemicals used in the process damages the hair, sometimes to an extreme extent. Here are some tips to take care of the chemically treated hair.

1. Know your hair products

After getting the hair treated, you should be conscious of what products you use for your hair. Specially the shampoo and conditioner. Make sure they are sulfate free and they don’t damage your hair in any other way. Some hair products have keratin in them, which is a protein that strengthens hair! Consult your stylist and take their suggestion about right choice of hair products.


2. Hair Spa

As we mentioned above, the chemicals used in the process of straightening will weaken your hair drastically. So to strengthen it and avoid the hair fall, opt for hair spa. Use coconut oil or castor oil treatments to smoothen and make the hair roots stronger. Deep conditioning will also help and gives a whole new life to your hair!

3. Say ‘No’ to other chemicals

See, we know that you’re fascinated by Katrina Kaif’s rich red locks in ‘Fitoor’ and want to transform your brown curls exactly like hers and wanting that is completely reasonable. However, subjecting your hair to such harsh treatments all at once is not! Coloring and straightening together will weaken your hair from the roots and in no time, you will see the hair falling out in chunks! So even if your stylist assures minimal damage, firmly say no.

4. Watch what you eat!

Eat well. Cut the junk out. Have foods that are rich in protein, like eggs and fish because hair itself is made up of protein and they will strengthen your hair! Drink loads of water, which will keep you hydrated. You can avoid split ends and dry hair if you are hydrated enough. Keeping yourself hydrated will also help you have clear and supple skin, eliminating the dryness. Eat berries and citrus fruits. These foods not only helps you with shiny hair but also gives you radiant skin!

5. Take the help of the supplements


Sometimes, we might not be having enough time to take care of nutrition. Agreed. That’s such a bummer and it keeps happening and in such cases, let’s go with the Vitamin supplements and thank them for saving our day! Go for Biotin supplements along with the omega 3 fatty acids capsules. They really help with the hair fall and brittle hair. There are many trusted companies that manufactures high quality supplements. Take some time around to assess the quality before buying them. Also, don’t forget to take your doctor’s advice before getting the hair supplements on board!



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