Sridevi’s Beauty And Fitness Secrets


In her heyday, Sridevi was the reigning queen of B-town, having worked with almost all the actors of her time. She made a comeback in 2012 with Gauri Shinde’s English Vinglish. Her sparkling eyes, flawless face , fab body and wonderful acting skills.. no wonder movies like Chandni were made just for her.

Now being a 50 year old mom of 2 teen daughters, her skin still looks tight and firm at this age. She is still looking fab and flawless with a well maintained body.

She believes that regular Yoga, exercise and a well balanced diet have contributed for her fit body and glowing skin.

So lets dig into Sridevi’s Beauty And Fitness Secrets:


Fitness Secrets:

sridevi power yoga
with yoga trainer

Sridevi plays outdoor games like tennis, and she regularly does power yoga. Yoga exponent Manish Tiwari has helped this Chandni to get into her svelte shape. Over five long years she has been practicing yoga with this Yoga veteran.

“Sridevi is very dedicated, which reflects in how she looks today”, Manish compliments this goddess of beauty.

Sridevi works out five days a week without fail. Apart from yoga, Sridevi also focuses on doing a lot of cardio exercises. She also goes to jogging with her daughter.

Diet Plan:

Start of the Day

• 2 glasses of warm water and honey

• Herbal Tea

Fabulous Sridevi Kapoor at Age 50


Sridevi starts her day with 2 glasses of warm water with a squeezed lemon and herbal tea. She never forgets to carry green tea bags in her hand bag.

After Exercise

She like to have a glass of fresh fruit juice daily after exercise.


Sridevi usually takes heavy breakfast like oat meal or muesli with lots of dry fruits, honey, mixed with in skimmed milk. She follows breakfast with a fresh vegetable juice. “That gives me lots of energy till 3 in the afternoon” she says, “that’s when I have lunch with my kids”.



Lunch for Sridevi usually consists of lots of salad and sometimes smoked or grilled salmon, tofu or feta cheese. She always makes sure to add a lot of greens to her salad. She accompanies her lunch with some dal.


Her dinner is usually lighter than her lunch. She usually sticks to soups, but unlike many others she prefer to have a roti and some vegetable curry so that she can sleep well.

She snacks on sautéed peanuts, a whole fruit, lots of cheese especially goats cheese with multi-grain crackers and dark chocolate which are her weakness.

“I make it a point to eat every 2 hours” says the glamour queen Sridevi.

“Have lots of water and liquids in general. Include ample fruits and vegetables in your diet and no fried or oily food”, she adds.

Beauty and Make-up Secrets:


Sridevi tries to keep her make-up as natural and minimal as possible. “The La Prairie Platinum cream, some eyeliner and lip gloss – that’s all I need”, she says.

“I remember mixing glycerin and rose water and using it on my face”, says Sridevi, remembering the first beauty product she had used.

She takes utmost care to remove all the makeup before going to sleep. According to Sridevi, sleeping with makeup on and also using too many products on skin is very harsh for the skin.

Sridevi takes care of her hair by oiling it regularly and she completely avoids harsh chemicals on her hair.  She likes to use fruit face packs regularly. She also takes hot oil massage for scalp as often as possible, for better blood circulation.

sridevi (2)
Sridevi’s family

This beauty diva says with sparkling eyes and a mesmerizing smile, ” For me true beauty is, that comes on face when we glow with happiness.”

Sridevi usually enjoys a movie with family and listens to soothing music to lift her moods. She likes to collect old photographs of her family. This talented actress also likes to indulge in painting in leisure times.  The first thing any one can notice on her face is a bright smile which is a greatest asset for her. Let’s get inspired and keep smiling :))


  1. i raealy like sriji today i got her beauty secerts she is just awsome chandni pis make a come back w in chandni look


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