Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Who doesn’t love to get those dreamy, sexy, smokey eyes that go perfectly well with just about any outfit you pick? In fact, we’d like to do the smokey eye makeup every single day, for all the good it does to the face. And with this simple, 7-step tutorial, you can now smokey up your eyes every single day without really spending too much time on it.



Here are 7 steps that will help you get the smokey eye makeup to perfection.



Step 1 : Apply a primer to start with. This helps get a defined contour around your eyes and prevents the make up from smudging later on in the day.

Step 2 : Use a concealor to see to it that the under eye dark circles are hidden. Any other imperfections around the eye can be hidden using a concealor. Make sure however, that the concealor is of the same colour as the make up that you plan to apply on the rest of your face or in any case, doesn’t stand out.


Step 3 : Begin by curling your lashes using an eye-lash curler. It is important to get done with this step prior to getting the rest of your make up onto your eyes even if the mascara comes in the end so that the lashes are defined and stay defined for a long time.


Step 4 : Now comes the big step – the smudging of the shadow. Pick the color that you’d like to use for your smokey eye make up that’s on your palette, preferably a dark shade of grey or a silver. Smudge it over the eye from the lashes through to the crease uniformly. Don’t leave out the bottom of the eye from the bottom lash through to the lower end of the lower lid.


Step 5 : After the smudging of the shadow is done with, apply the liner. You can use black or a dark shade of silvery grey for the liner. The liner should preferably be a liquid liner just so that it can be more defined.

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Step 6 : Use a highlighter to add a little bit of a shimmer to the eyes, at the corners and through the ends of the upper eye lids. A silvery or a pearly shimmer can make the smokey eye look good.


Step 7 : The smokey eye up is only complete when you use a mascara. Apply a mascara onto your lashes, preferably, a thick, volume-adding mascara to go well with the rest of your smokey eye.


There you go! You’ve now given yourself a perfectly gorgeous smokey eye makeup….and it didn’t even take long!

Easy Brown Smokey Eye Video Tutorial:


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