Samantha Prabhu’s Diet and Fitness Routine

The first thing most of Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s fans remember about her is the Jessi played by her in Gautam Menon’s Ye Maya Chesave. No doubt she is the reason who made viewers watch the film again and again. She mesmerized the audience with her alluring beauty and she is an angel to her fans even after five years of her filmy career. Till date, she is one of the top most actress in South Indian film industry.


With her slim figure, cute smile and youthful looks, she has been an inspiration and role model to many girls. Who doesn’t want to look fascinating like her?! If I ever know her fitness routine, diet plan and beauty regimen, I sure want to implement the maximum possible into my daily routine.


IBT have been receiving several requests from viewers to post an article on Samantha’s workouts  and diet plan. And the wait is ended now, as we are providing you with all the facts relating to her fitness, workouts and diet. Let us peep into those facts:

Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s Workouts:

In spite of her busy schedule, Samantha hits gym regularly. She wakes up early in the morning to find more time for workouts. She does workouts regularly to maintain her physique and for her, feeling good from inside is as important as appearing glamorous. Samantha is one of the fittest actors in South Indian film industry and she even thanked her fitness trainer Dhaya Rajesh for this in a tweet. She admits how she is obsessed with being fit.

Samantha's tweet with her fitness trainer
Samantha’s tweet with her fitness trainer
samantha doing workouts image
Samantha Prabhu Working Out

Her trainer Rajesh appreciates her commitment to being fit. He says that Samantha Prabhu makes time for workouts whenever she is in Chennai and he is very much surprised by her commitment. Their priority for her right from the beginning is to gain strength. She always arrives 15 minutes earlier to the training sessions. If she has a shoot in the morning, she comes as early as 5 am. He states that Sam is one of the fittest celebrity today.

She usually does exercises that make her sweat out more which detoxes her body and keeps her in good shape. Sweating out keeps her skin in good condition. She follows a disciplined lifestyle which keeps herself fit and beautiful. Usually her trainer alters her routines between high-intensive exercises and lighter ones.

Whenever Sam don’t find time or if she is out of Chennai, she usually enjoys jogging as a substitute for her workouts.

Samantha Working Out in Gym Video:


Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s Diet Plan:

Samantha Prabhu is not obsessed with fasts and dieting. But she eats everything she likes in moderate quantities. She says that she is not afraid of calories and she eats whatever she loves to. Sam likes highly protein based foods which works out well with her exercise regimen.

Her trainer revealed that like many other celebrities, she has been assigned with a normal diet of slightly Paleolithic in nature, such as– nuts, berries, veggie salads, fruits, lean meat.

Nevertheless, the gorgeous actress loves to eat rice with sambar. She loves delicious recipes from Tamil cuisine such as dosai, vadai, idli, pongal and states that she cannot resist herself from eating those tasty foods. Seems she is a normal Tamil ponnu when it comes to desi menu.

Other favorite foods include chicken, fish, spicy pickles, sweet pongal and filtered black coffee. She stays always hydrated by drinking lots of water, coconut water and juices.

Samantha’s Fashion Mantra:

samantha_prabhu_beauty_secrets samantha_in_sarees

Sam believes that grooming is very important to be constantly in the limelight. “I’ve always being trying to set a standard and revamping my look. I don’t like loose clothes. I love sporting classy, feminine outfits.” says the glamorous actress Samantha.

She states that one thing you will definitely find in her hand bag is sunscreen. Since she have to travel places and sometimes work under sun, she never forgets it.

And finally Samantha Ruth Prabhu states “You can do anything if you put your mind to it”. She didn’t come from a celebrity family. Dream big and you can do anything you want!

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