Right Way To Apply Liquid Lipstick To Last Long

A liquid lipstick is densely pigmented and thicker. It stains very quickly and is also harder to spread when compared to bar lipsticks. Liquid lipstick in a matte finish can give you a prolonged stay with intense color. While it seems easy to apply liquid lipstick, it is actually tricky to work with.

With the right application tips, you can wear a bold color with maximum staying power without any touch ups throughout the day.

Remove flakes:

The first thing to do is to clear off the flakes from lips. Grind a little sugar into coarse powder and add few drops of coconut oil to it. Gently massage the lips using this sugar mixture in circular motions to gently exfoliate the lips. Wipe with a wet towel to clear the lips. Exfoliation will maximize hydration of the lips and the lips absorb better.

Prep your lips:

Apply a good moisturizer or lip balm few minutes before you need to apply lipstick. This will make the lips appear soft and beautiful. Give some time for the balm to be absorbed by the lips. This will make the lips soft and seemingly beautiful.lipliner

Now choose a lip pencil that exactly matches the lipstick or which is one shade lighter. Use lip pencil to outline and fill in the lips. This will prevent the lipstick from settling into the lines.


Using the wand that comes with the liquid lipstick, start at the middle of the lip and spread outwards on both sides of the lip.

Outline with concealer:

With the help of a lip brush, draw outline of the lips with a concealer. This will not only define the outlines but also prevents the lipstick from getting smudged around the lips.


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