Retinol, Woman’s New Best Friend, Top Products In India

Retinol is one of the most powerful anti ageing ingredients. It brings back the lost skin texture and dramatically reduces the wrinkles. Today it has become an essential ingredient in skin care products to hep the collagen-depleted skins. What is Retinol and how does it work? Now it is the most trending question asked by lots of people.

Retinol is derived from Vitamin-A and effectively communicates with the skin cells. The retinoic acid which is absorbed by skin is highly effective in reducing wrinkles and fine lines, pigmentation, dark circles, eczema, acne scars and also reduces the size of skin pores.Portrait of a young girl having a massage at a spa resort.

There are different retinol products available for different skin problems. These different products are actually combined with some other products that make the combination effective in treating the specific skin problem. For example, to reduce wrinkles, it is combined with products such as hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid. Like wise it is combined with hydroquinone to treat uneven skin tone. Some products are available particularly for those with sensitive skin. You have to look for the specific product for you.

Few things you have to know before investing in Retinol creams:

  • Look for vitamin A listed as retinol, retinyl acetate, retinyl palmitate or retinyl aldehyde which is sometimes termed as retinal or retinaldehyde.
  • Retinol creams are highly effective but may sometimes cause irritation, peeling or redness which is temporary.
  • If skin irritation or any symptoms occur, it should subside within a few days. If it does not subside or it gets worsened, stop using the product.
  • It should not be used daily. First start using a very thin layer  two days a week. Gradually start using every alternate day.
  • After cleansing the face, use a good moisturizer before you apply retinol. It makes the skin less sensitive to retinol and prevents dryness, flaking and irritation.
  • Research shows that using a retinol product in conjunction with an AHA significantly improves its effectiveness.
  • Since skin becomes more sensitive to sun during this time, due to the exfoliation of upper layers of the skin by retinol, always use a best sunscreen during day times.
  • It is advised to use retinol products during night times.

Lets check what are the best retinol products available in India:

1. Neutrogena wrinkle repair: neutrogena wrinkle repair

It comes combined with Glucose complex, Vitamin-C and Hyaluronic acid. It reduces the wrinkles and fades away age spots. It is also good to treat uneven skin tone. (BUY HERE)

2. Ranbaxy Yugard retinol cream:

This is one of those retinol creams in Indian highly recommended by dermatologists. It is pure retinol 0.15%. This is available in most of the pharmacy stores in India.(BUY HERE)

3. Dr.Reddy’s Strea A15 pure retinol cream:

This is also one of the highest recommended retinol creams in India. Strea A 15 is 0.15% pure retinol in microsphere for better penetration. It contains retinol locked in 28 capsules, to protect the retinol from getting oxidized when exposed to air.

4. Loreal Revitalift product range:


Loreal Revitalift products comes in various forms to answer all your skin problems. Revitalift laser product range has serum, day cream, night cream and eye cream. The revitalift anti ageing corrective creams comes with pro-retinol which is quickly absorbed into the skin. They reduces the appearance of wrinkles and firms the skin. Revitalift white comes with advanced Melano-Block with six times more Vitamin-C to reduce wrinkles and to lighten the skin. (BUY HERE)

5. Ponds Age Miracle Cell ReGEN product range:ponds_age_miracle_cell_regen

Ponds age miracle creams and serum are enriched with retinol boosters, AHA, Intelligent pro-cell complex and collagen. It comes with a potent combination of 6 bio-actives that stimulate the skin from within and gives it three times more renewal power. (BUY HERE)

Some other products:

  • Neutrogena Fine Fairness Brightning Serum (BUY HERE)
  • PRoDERMIS Research Retinol Night Cream (BUY HERE)
  • Dermasil Oil Free Daily Retinol Facial Cream With Vitamin A & E (BUY HERE)
  • Retinol Serum 2.5% – ORGANIC (BUY HERE)
  • Roc Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream (BUY HERE)