Rakul Preet Singh’s Diet, Beauty And Fitness Regimen

The beautiful leggy lass crowned with People’s choice Miss India, Miss beautiful eyes, Miss talent, Miss beautiful smile just shows how she really deserve these titles. This gorgeous lady had faced camera at the age of two years old. Later on her love for showbiz has kept growing. She always wanted to be an actress. She believed that beauty pageants work as a platform from where you can reach out to many.rakul (1)

She says although acting and modelling are two different fields, they come under the same group. Rakul did print/TV commercials for many brands like LG, Eno, Vicco, Dabur, The Chennai Shopping Mall and her Airtel ad is the most googled commercial of recent times.The co-founder of ad agency has even termed the popularity of airtel ad as “The Rakul factor”. Her images can be seen on every other hoarding, from banks and institutes to major malls (Andhra Bank, Pepperfry, Shaadi.com, Veta Spoken English, Karur Vysya etc).

Rakul states “For newcomers, modelling is like a stepping stone to acting. The exposure and experience in modelling helps…But for acting, we have to show a lot of hard work and dedication towards it.”rakul (2)

This sweet Punjabi lassi have an amazing body and a great height that matches all the tall heroes. She loves physical activity and can never sit idle. She hits the gym 6 days a week and also keeps herself always busy. She says that if she don’t have anything to do, she simply keeps jumping but never sits idle. Rakul is also a great foodie. Let us peep into Rakul Preet Singh’s diet, beauty and fitness regimen::

Rakul Preet Singh’s Fitness Regimen:

Rakul is dedicated enough to maintain her hour glass figure. “Just like we wash our face everyday to remove the dirt off, in the same way we need to wash off the toxins from the body”, says Rakul. She works out not to lose weight but to keep herself strong, fit and healthy. “I am Somebody who enjoys workout, it’s not a burden for me, Oh my god I have to stay fit, so I have to workout. I enjoy the whole process of sweating out, if I don’t workout for two to three days straight, I start feeling very lethargic, it feels incomplete,” says Rakul.


Workout days: Six days a week
Daily Routine: Warm up -> Cardio -> Strength Training -> Cool Down
Warm up: Stationary / Dynamic Stretches for 7-10minutes
High Intensity Cardio: Kick Boxing/ Cycling/ Treadmill/ Skipping for 25minutes
Strength training: Core & lower limb strengthening with Weights/ Sand bags/ Tyres/ Bodyweight
Cool down: Yoga/ Full body stretching

Rakul Preet Singh’s Diet and Beauty Secrets:

Rakul’s diet: “I believe in healthy eating and following a balanced diet. As such diet is a very misinterpreted word and sounds like a torture, I try eating homemade food and avoid any form of sweets and fried, packaged food.” she says.

Rakul eats home cooked food. She likes to eat the yummy Aloo Paranthas made by her mommy! Rakul learnt the art of staying fit without starving herself. She avoids junk food, eats a lot of fruits, veggies and carbs. Though she eats a lot of carbohydrates she still stays skinny, the reason is behind the kind of food she choses. Rakul chooses her staple food-grain wheat for roti, coupled with dal and sabzi. She also eats a good amount of fruits.These carbs are not just the energy givers but they come with essential fatty acids, amino acids, fibre, B vitamins, micro minerals like selenium, zinc, chromium and many other nutrients.rakul-preet-singh-beautiful-black-dress-wallpaper_316690211

She avoids processed foods like biscuits, cakes, pizza, breads and ice-creams. Avoiding carbs drains you out of energy and reduces your body’s ability to burn fat. Rakul Preet is a powerhouse of energy, she owes it to her food and fitness. She believes that you don’t need to consume any kind of supplements and you can still get pretty jaw dropping results.

Beauty Essentials: She makes it a point to remove her make-up and nourish the skin no matter how late in the night it is. She use Clinique for cleansing and Elizabeth Arden for moisturizing. Also sunscreen is a must for her.
Beauty secret: Sweat out to release toxins n feel good to look good.New Image
Home remedies- Rakul says that she don’t like to undergo salon treatments and she follows home remedies. For skin besan, haldi, honey and lemon works wonders for her. She uses cucumber and potato juice for eyes.  Since she have a dry hair, she uses hair mask prepared by mixing egg white, bananas and curd.

Rakul’s beauty advice: “I strongly believe in being happy from inside to look beautiful. And avoid too much makeup in summers. Hydrate your body properly!”



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