Quick Homemade Deep Conditioner For Rough Hair

Dry or rough hair can spoil your day. There are a variety of reasons for why hair may become dry and damaged. Usually dry, damaged hair is a result of poor hair handling techniques, but other factors like inadequate nutrition and illness may be responsible.rough hair

Home remedies are effective to treat dry or rough hair, but some times you lack time to prepare and need really quick recipes to use.

Here are 3 highly effective but quick to use, homemade deep conditioners to try:

1. Olive Oil Treatment:

This is the most favorite home remedy for many women who lack time and wanted to treat their rough hair. Olive oil is very effective in restoring dry or damaged hair. This remedy not only makes the hair soft and shiny instantly, but also works well in repairing and protecting the hair from damage. Regular use can get rid of dullness and roughness of hair completely and keeps it healthy and silky.olive oil rough hair

Every time after you wash your hair, pour 5-8 drops of olive oil on your palms and spread on your palms by rubbing together. Apply this carefully on the clean wet hair strands concentrating more on the ends of the hair. Do not rinse. Let your hair dry naturally. This remedy keeps the hair look naturally soft and shiny but not oily, for 3 to 5 days depending on your hair condition.

2. Coconut Milk or Diary Treatment:

Just like olive oil, coconut milk or milk or milk cream  also work effectively and can be used as a deep conditioners. If your hair is slightly rough or frizzy, use milk. If it is extremely rough and completely lacking moisture or highly damaged, use coconut milk or milk cream for extra nourishment. The proteins, fats and vitamins in coconut milk or diary nourishes the hair strands while keeping your hair soft and silky.coconut milk

After washing your hair, apply fresh raw milk or thoroughly beaten milk cream or coconut milk along the hair and leave for a minute. Rinse well and dry hair naturally. Hair remains soft and manageable for few days without requiring further attention.

#Make sure that you are using unsalted coconut milk.

3. Quick hair mask to try in weekends:

If you have got 10-15 minutes before you shampoo your hair, here is a ready made preparation which is natural and highly effective in treating rough hair.  Keep  Mayonnaise handy to quickly use as a hair mask. Mix 3-4 spoons of mayonnaise with 1-2 tbsp olive oil and one egg yolk. Apply over the hair from roots to tips. Leave for 10-15 minutes and wash with moisturizing shampoo. The left over mask can be stored for later use or can be used a great face mask.damaged-hair-home-remedies-egg-olive-mayo

This little care can keep your hair healthy and shiny, making you feel good for days together without demanding more attention and time from your busy schedule.


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