Precious Ayurvedic Remedies For White Hair And Hair Fall

Ayurveda is a gentle and timeless science of life. This very ancient method of healing even fits into the 21st century. Ayurveda is getting more popular day by day even though science has advanced a lot in the modern era. Researchers have found the advantages of our ancient veda and the several natural ingredients used for specific purposes. After several researches, these ingredients are used in the modern day products to achieve best results.

Causes of hair graying:white hair

Hair graying is one common problem which has no permanent solution till today. Hair graying is usually associated to old age. Several causes believed to cause premature hair graying are hormonal imbalance, Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism, malnutrition, pernicious anemia, nutritional deficiency, using electric dryers and concentrated hair dyes, as well as genetic disorders, chemotherapy and radiation, chemical hair products, UV rays etc. Most common causes in places like India for early graying of hair are nutritional deficiency and prolonged exposure to UV rays.

Prevention of Hair Graying And Hair Fall in Ayurveda:

The following remedies not only prevent hair graying, but also promote healthy hair growth and stops hair thinning.

Homemade ayurvedic hair oils to prevent hair graying and stop hair fall:

Curry leaves coconut oil:

  • A big bunch of fresh curry leaves
  • 500 ml of coconut oil from a reputed brandcurry leaves hai oil

Wash the curry leaves and blend in a mixer with little water to make it juicy. Strain this to extract the juices. Heat oil in a pan and add the juice. Heat on simmer for few minutes, stirring frequently. The water content in the curry leaves juice gets evaporated and the juice forms into a dark translucent residue at the bottom. Turn off the stove and allow the oil to cool to room temperature. Transfer the oil into a bottle. Shake the bottle well and apply on hair a little quantity daily. Massage on scalp to prevent hair fall and graying.

Amla sesame hair oil:amla hair oil homemade

For this you need one cup of amla. Cut the fleshes of amla and discard the seeds. Blend this in a mixer with a little water. Squeeze it out and strain to extract juices. Heat 1 cup of sesame oil in a pan. Add amla juice and heat on simmer for few minutes. The water gets evaporated and a thick brown amla paste settles down. Turn off the stove and allow the oil to cool. Transfer this into a bottle and use a little quantity daily.

Carrot methi sesame oil:

  • 1 cup sesame oil
  • 1 cup thick and fresh carrot juice
  • 1/2 cup fenugreek seeds ground coarselycarrot hair oil

Heat sesame oil in a pan and add the carrot juice. Let it boil for 15-20 minutes or until the water content evaporates completely. The juice becomes very thick and the oil starts separating from the carrot residues. Cool and strain the oil. Transfer it into a glass jar and add methi powder to it. Place it every day in sun for about 10-15 days. Now the oil gets infused with methi powder and is ready for use. Apply a little quantity daily. This oil is an excellent remedy for hair graying and also nourishes the hair from roots to tips.

Ayurvedic hair masks to prevent hair graying and hair thinning:

Ancient ayur recipe:

Mix equal amounts of amla powder, bhringraj powder, triphala powder, methi powder, brahmi powder,  mehandi powder, hibiscus powder, shatavari(Indian asparagus) powder. Store this mixture in an airtight container.These powders are available in all ayurvedic stores in India.

Prepare a hair mask by mixing 2 tbsp of this powder with 2-3 tbsp of curd and a little water. Apply this on scalp and hair. Leave for at least 20 minutes and wash with a mild shampoo. Repeat twice a week to stop  hair fall, hair graying and to promote speedy hair growth.

You can also prepare nourishing infused oil using this mixed powder. Just add 1/2 cup of powder to 500 ml of coconut oil in a glass jar and place this jar in direct sunlight for about 15 days. Apply this super nourishing hair oil regularly for best results.

Buttermilk curry leaves hair mask:

This hair mask is highly common in Kerala. Blend fresh curry leaves with a little water and extract the juices by straining. Add buttermilk in equal quantity and mix well. Apply this over hair and scalp. Leave for 20 minutes and wash with a mild shampoo.

Amla or hibiscus flower hair mask:hibiscus hair mask

Red tropical hibiscus flowers promote healthy hair growth, prevents hair loss and graying. Blend hibiscus petals of about 10 flowers, adding a little water, to form a smooth paste . Apply this over scalp and hair and leave for about 15 minutes. Wash with a mild shampoo. Fresh amla paste is also serves as a highly effective hair mask.

Homemade chemical-free natural hair dye:

Hair dyes temporarily solves your purpose by coloring the gray hair. But gradually the strong ammonia and other chemicals results in excess hair fall, baldness, hair breakage, more graying, dandruff and many other problems. There is a good natural alternative solution to achieve dark hair without damaging it.indigo powder hair dye

Purchase Indigo leaves powder( and natural henna powder (not black henna). Make sure you have at least 3-4 hours of leisure time to use this natural hair dye.

Soak 2-3 tbsp of henna powder in strong tea decoction overnight and apply this henna paste over the hair. Instead you can grind and use fresh henna leaves. Leave for 15-20 minutes and wash with a mild shampoo. Meanwhile mix 2-3 tbsp of indigo powder in a little warm water to make a smooth paste and put aside for 1 hour. Remove excess water from hair and apply the indigo paste on damp hair. Leave for about 2-3 hours and rinse with plain water.  Results visible after 24 hours.



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