Ponying it up in style : 10 chic ways to do your ponytail hairstyle!

Ever since hair was first styled (probably since the time of cave-men), ponytails were worn. And to this day, they still are our favourite way to wear the hair. It doesn’t matter if you’ve decided to go desi or western, ponying up your hair can add a definite chic-ness and beauty to your attire. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways in which the ponytail hairstyle can be done. We’ve listed a few great ways to pony-up.

1.The simple and sleek high pony

The sleek, high ponytail is the best way to wear your hair to look formal, chic and girly all at the same time. It can also be the best way to tie up your hair in the summers.




high sleek pony Jessica

Aishwarya Rai sleek pony

2. High and wavy pony hairstyle

Who says you’ll have to straighten your hair each time you wear a high ponytail? Try out wearing a high pony with wavy and curly hair and see how great it can look. Here’s how you do it…




3. Low and sleek pony

Yet another way to make your hair go with your work-wear is to go low on your sleek pony. The low and sleek ponytail makes for a really dressy hairstyle too, if you sweep it to the side like it’s done here.





deepika low sleek pony

4. The messy ponytail

The messy ponytail, just like the other messy hairstyles is much in vogue. And it isn’t all that hard to do too! Deepika for one, is one really big fan of the messy ponytail hairstyle.




5. Beehive ponytail

The beehive ponytail is one of those hairstyles that has made a return from the 60s and the 70s. All you have to do is puff up the hind part of your scalp so that it becomes poofy. Bangs make this ponytail hairstyle all the more sassy.


beehive ponytail 1

beehive ponytail blake lively

6. Low and wavy side-swept ponytail

There was never a ponytail hairstyle that was more dressier than the low, wavy, sides-wept ponytail. When rightly done, it makes for the perfect red-carpet hairstyle.



rihanna side swept low ponytail

7. Braided pony hairstyle

Braiding up the hair on your scalp before you tie it up into a pony can make your pony look a lot less boring. Take a portion of your hair and start braiding before you tie it up into a pony. You can weave more than just one braids and in just about any area of the hair that you want to do it.
braided pony 1

braided pony 2

double braided pony 3

jessica alba briaded pony sideswept low

8. Puff ponytail

The puff ponytail hairstyle is yet another hairstyle that has made a comeback from the 60s. All you have to do is puff up the front of your hair before (or after) you tie it up into a pony. Samantha has donned the puff ponytail so many times that we could maybe call it her favourite hairstyle.

samantha puff ponytail

samantha puff ponytail 2



9. The twisted ponytail

Nothing adds beauty to a ponytail like a twist or two. All you have to do is twist a portion of your hair before you tie your hair up into a pony. A single twist done from one side looks best when it ends as a side swept low pony.

You can also try and twist your hair twice or more than twice if you’d like to.

twisted ponytail side swept low

twisted pony side swept low

double twisted ponytail

twisted ponytail 3

10. French braid ponytail

The French ponytail hairstyle is done much like the French braid…only, it ends in a ponytail instead of a braid. You can go low, high or medium on your French ponytail.


french braid pony

french braid pony high

 Slick Ponytail Image Tutorialwidewrap-steps



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