Perfect Technique To Hide Dark Circles And Dark Spots

Dark circles are common among many women today mostly because of the stress. There are many creams available for treating dark circles. But if you have no time to treat this and have to attend an occasion, there is an effective technique to hide them using just a smear of lipstick and good concealer. Yes, lipstick can do this wonder. Applying lipstick under eyes can be a secret tool to look beautiful by hiding dark circles.dark circles makeup

Make up for dark circles

Applying lipstick under eye is a perfect technique of hiding dark circles, but you need to do it in a proper way. A very tiny stain of bright red or orange lipstick blended using a good quality shading brush with careful strokes will do the magic for you.

You can also use your finger tips or a sponge to blend the lipstick uniformly. Follow up with a good quality long wear concealer and blend it properly. Proceed with your makeup. The same technique also perfectly conceals dark spots.

Use of lipstick in neutralizing darknessred lipstick

Since the skin tone of dark circles under the eye looks like blue or purple, red or orange lipstick neutralizes the darkness.The opposite color of the rainbow wheel should be applied to get a neutralization effect. This is very important when you think that your make up has become too much loud.


Video courtesy: deepica mutyala @ youtube


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