Here Are The Multiple Uses Of An Eye Shadow

  1. Use it as a Blush

We all have pinks and peaches on our eyeshadow palettes, don’t we? So now what if we say, we can not only use them for the date night eye makeup but also as a blush? Yeah! Be it powdery or creamy, it serves the purpose of blush just well. Take some on the brush, work your way upwards from your cheekbones towards your ears. Blend well and you’d look as cute as that pretty doll.

eyeshadow-as-blush2. Make a temporary hair color out of it

Feeling a little experimental? Wanna color your hair something quirky but don’t want to damage your mane? Or get those odd looks at office due to that not-so-work-friendly-hair-color ? get eyeshadow to work. Bring out that bottle green. Or that dashing blue. No worries. If its powdery eyeshadow, grind it well to powder, start it with your way down from the ends and work your way upwards. If it is creamy, mix a little talcum into it to make it easier of the application. Temporary hair color for that club night is ready!
eyeshadow-as-haircolor3. Make a lipstick

Yes!! Take your favorite shade of eyeshadow and mix it with petroleum jelly using a brush and your customized lipstick is ready. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, isn’t it ? You don’t have to even use the whole eyeshadow for this! Even if you do, you can just have it stored in a container. And this will give you your favorite tint on the lips along with hydrating (petroleum jelly, guys!). This will have a nice creamy texture that will stay on your lips for long.

eyeshadow-as-lipstick4. Use it as a highlighter

You don’t have to spend a bomb to get that kickass highlighter! Your face can still shine, if you can just have the right shade of the eyeshadow. Have that beige or the complete nude eyeshadow? That’s it, Belle! Take some, and if you want, you can add up some shimmer to it. Now take a brush, pout a little bit, and with the brush, from the cheekbones, work your way upwards to have that perfect highlighted base and face.

eyeshadow-as-highlighter5. Eyeshadow as corrector

Again, another ohw! use of eyeshadow. Usually, when it comes to eyeliner, we seldom get both the wings same. There would be a mistake on at least one eye. So during those times, don’t redo the whole thing. Just use some, preferably in nude shades, ot the shade of the eyeshadow you’re already wearing. Use a Q tip to cleanly smooth the thing out. You can use vaseline for this but that’s just gonna get messy and a teensy bit oily if you don’t do it the right way.

liner-corrector-with-eyeshadow6. As an eyeliner

Now don’t say “whaaaaaat?” You can use eyeshadow as wet eyeliner. Yep, bless you eye shadow. Use a eyeliner brush, dampen it and use it as you’d use a gel eyeliner. Make sure you don’t have any crumbs or slivers. Use an extra tissue to wipe anything extra to give the flawless finish. Now, put your eyeshadow to use and if you don’t have one already, get it here.



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